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Four-Tailed Hollowfication

Welcome to the BOND Legends Wiki

A fanon wiki about LeeHatake's manga BOND and Brawl Legends, as well as many other crossovers and etc created by LeeHatake93.

Epic Crossovers

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like if your favorite animes came together. This is what BOND and Brawl Legends are all about. Although this wiki features many hypothetical video game ideas, it is NOT a wiki for everyone to add their ideas. Only LeeHatake93 and any users associated with BOND or Brawl Legends are allowed to do this, as every video game idea on this wiki has a connection to those series, whether it be a major connection such as video game adaptations of those two series, or very minute connections that only feature characters that have appeared in those series.