• LeeHatake93

    Dragon Ball

    August 16, 2017 by LeeHatake93

    This blog describes several of my original Dragon Ball characters that would appear in a spin-off of Brawl Legends called Dragon Ball Super Budokai. It is the Dragon Ball equivalent of Ultimate Ninja Evolution. Outside of the Dragon Ball SuperDragon Ball Xenoverse, and Dragon Ball GT continuities, there exists two alternate realities that are parallel to each other. The first reality, Dragon Ball Legacy, stems from the Xenoverse continuity and Utimate Tenkaichi's Hero Mode, and the second is ​Dragon Ball Flipside, which reverses the roles of Goku and Vegeta, impacting the rest of the universe.

    A brief description of the characters.

    • Kakarot (Xenoverse): This version of Goku, going by his Saiyan name of Kakarot, never bumped his head as a child an…

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  • LeeHatake93

    Personémon Gallery

    January 27, 2017 by LeeHatake93

    This blog is dedicated to a gallery of Persona and Pokémon content, from things related to Pokémon Dimensions, Persona X ArenaThe Crossover Game, and other Persona/Pokémon stuff. 

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  • LeeHatake93

    Pokémon Dimensions

    November 18, 2016 by LeeHatake93

    Pokémon Dimensions (ポケットモンスターレジェンド Pocket Monsters Dimensions) is a hypothetical video game idea by LeeHatake93. This game would be released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch would be a sequel to both Pokémon Legends and Pokémon Sun and Moon.

    Taking place shortly after the events of Pokémon Legends, the story begins with the protagonist of the first game locked into a battle with an unknown Pokémon trainer. When the unknown trainer reveals he is in control of Ultra Beasts, the prequel's protagonist attempts to stop him, however, they are transported into another region, separating themself from Celebi. When they awaken, they are shown to be in the Alola region, and are met with great shock by the protagonist of the new story as they begin…

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  • LeeHatake93

    Naruto: Shinobi Legacy is a hypothetical video game idea by LeeHatake93. Unlike most Naruto games, this game would be an RPG using the Elder Scrolls engine.


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  • LeeHatake93

    Naruto Storm Renders

    March 10, 2016 by LeeHatake93

    Just a gallery of renders I've made of characters from Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 and custom renders made to represent other characters

    Renders made straight from the game.

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  • LeeHatake93

    A list of returning and all-new Jutsu ideas for the revival of Brawl Legends, now solely dedicated to the Naruto universe! (except for the guest characters in the video game reboot, and the storyline in The Crossover Game).

    The main protagonist of the Prime Brawl Legends universe.

    1. Shadow Clone Jutsu: Similar to Naruto, Lee is a skilled user of the Shadow Clone Jutsu in his early teen years. Though he never displays the ability to create as many clones as Naruto, Lee is able to create at least a total of 50, if the situation calls for it.
    2. Rasengan: As Naruto's student, the Rasengan quickly became one of Lee's most commonly-used techniques, and his favorite Jutsu overall. When he first began learning to perform the Jutsu, he needed to summon Sha…

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  • LeeHatake93

    '"This blog denotes a reboot of a previous article. For the original article, see: Pokémon Legends"

    Pokémon Legends (ポケットモンスターレジェンド Pocket Monsters Legends) is a hypothetical video game idea by LeeHatake93. This game would be released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U and would be both a sequel to Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness and part of the main series of Pokémon. It would be the first installment in the Pokémon to allow players to fully edit their character, as opposed to the outfit customization seen in games like Battle Revolution or X and Y.

    Taking place roughly three years after the events of Pokémon X/Y and an unspecified amount of time after Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, the story begins in the Sinnoh region. Following the d…

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  • LeeHatake93


    August 26, 2015 by LeeHatake93

    This is just a gallery for a bunch of stuff.

    Character Image
    Lee Hatake

    Lee Hatake (Teen)

    Lee Hatake (Sage Art: Susano'o Armor)

    Rig Hyuga 

    Rig Hyuga (Teen)

    Jon Kurosaki 

    Jon Kurosaki (Teen)

    Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto Uzumaki (Canon)

    Kakashi Hatake

    Rayne Hatake

    Rayne Sabakuto

    Akari Kurosaki

    Nero Crescent

    Hirudo Crescent



    Draco Tenshi

    The Fallen 

    Madara Uchiha

    Lee Hatake (The Fallen)

    Rig (Alternate Timeline)

    Jon (Alternate Timeline)

    Sasuke Uchiha

    Sasuke Uchiha (Canon)

    Hinata Hyuga

    Sakura Haruno

    Hikari Sarutobi

    Minato Uzumaki

    Minato Uzumaki (Genin)

    Jin Hatake

    Aoi Hatake

    Ichiro Kurosaki

    Himawari Uzumaki

    Boruto Uzumaki (Brawl Legends)

    Boruto (Tenseigan Sage Mode)

    Sarada Uchiha (Brawl Legends)

    Menma Namikaze

    Menma (Ten-Tails Jinchuriki)

    Character Image







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  • LeeHatake93

    Temporary Blog

    March 24, 2014 by LeeHatake93
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