Dragon Ball Family Guy: It's Over 9000! (abbreviated DBFG or simply referred to as It's Over 9000!) is an
Its Over 9000 Logo

The promotional poster featuring Family Guy characters in their DBZ roles. However, the actual parody will use the real DBZ episodes.

upcoming Youtube parody series created by LeeHatake93 and mlbjunior93. It is a parody of Dragon Ball Z in the style of Family Guy's Star Wars parodies: Blue Harvest, Something, Something, Something, Dark Side, and It's A Trap!, and will also contain references of TeamFourStar's Dragon Ball Z Abridged. The parody also includes character personalites from shows other than Family Guy, such as: American Dad!, The Cleveland Show, Beavis and Butt-Head, South Park, Futurama, and many others. The exact release date is unknown as of now.


Set in a live-action Family Guy universe (non-canon to Fox or Seth MacFarlane), the story begins when Peter Griffin (LeeHatake93), Joe Swanson (bigmac5515), and Glen Quagmire (tnt2crazy) are watching a commercial for Apple's new product, the iHuman (commercial made by mlbjunior93), when the power cuts out again. After a conversation regarding which trilogy he plans to parody after completing Star Wars, Peter decides that instead of a film trilogy, he plans to parody an entire series. After some thought, he finally decides on Dragon Ball Z and once he hums the intro to Dragon Soul the parody begins.

Known Cast (Characters)

  • Peter Griffin (Animated): Goku
  • Lois Griffin: Chi-Chi
  • Meg Griffin: Dodoria
  • Chris Griffin: Gohan
  • Stewie Griffin: Goten (Buu Saga)
  • "Evil" Stewie Griffin: Frieza
  • Brian Griffin: Piccolo
  • Mickey McFinnigan: Bardock
  • Francis Griffin: Grandpa Gohan
  • Connie D'Amico: Bulma
  • Herbert: Master Roshi
  • Beavis: Tien
  • Butt-Head: Yamcha
  • Chiaotzu (TBA)
  • Krillin (Parody of TFS Version)
  • Thaddeus Griffin: Raditz
  • Glen Quagmire (Animated): Vegeta
  • Joe Swanson (Animated): Nappa
  • Opie: Saibamen
  • Rallo Tubbs: Trunks
  • Genie: Shenron/Porunga

Cast (Voice Actors)

  • LeeHatake93: Live-Action Peter Griffin, "Previously On" Narrator, Krillin, Turles, Raditz, Naruto Uzumaki, various others
  • mlbjunior93: "Next Time/Story" Narrator, various others.
  • ironman0919: TBA, Filmer for Live-Action segments
  • tnt2crazy: Live-Action Quagmire, Farmer, TBA
  • bigmac5515: Live-Action Joe Swanson, TBA
  • Riahtdragon: Bulma, Dodoria, various female voices