The Arrancar Ichigo Kurosaki (called Arrancar Ichigo or commonly referred to as Hichigo) is the evil counterpart to Ichigo Kurosaki of both the BOND and Tenkaichi Storm Resurreccion timelines.
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Hichigo after overthrowing Sosuke Aizen


Ichigo primarily live the same life as both his heroic counterparts until the Arrancar's first attack on Karakura Town. After Orihime Inoue was kidnapped and taken to Hueco Mundo, Ichigo set off to learn how to control his Inner Hollow the only way he knew how: training with the Visoreds. He was set to battle his Inner Hollow itself, Hichigo, but was overwhelmed and lost his mind and body to his Hollow. He then overpowered the Visoreds and escaped to Hueco Mundo. His level of power was already that of a Vasto Lorde class of menos, yet he still continued to devour every hollow in his path. His power became that of a class seemingly all it's own until he began to transform into an Arrancar on his own. Having reached his full potential as an Arrancar, he immediately dispatched of Grimmjow and Ulquiorra, but was too late to save Orihime as she was killed by Sosuke Aizen. Angry at this loss, he went into a full Hollow form that quickly evolved into a Resurreccion form and killed Aizen, taking control of the Espada and the rest of Hueco Mundo. After hearing of another reality in which he, Ichigo, was still battling the Arrancar and Inoue was alive, Hichigo sided with Akuma and prepared to fight his heroic twin.

In Tenkaichi Storm Resurreccion

Evil Twins

Hichigo alongside Kakarot and Dark Naruto

His origins are virtually the same only, instead of siding with Bankatsu no Akuma, he was brought through a rift after the Negative Worlds of Saiyans, Shinobi, and Shinigami collided, causing each to implode upon one another. Attempting to escape from Las Noches through a portal into the World of the Living, Ichigo was instead thrusted into the Karakura Town of TSR Ichigo's universe, leaving him the sole survivor of his realm. It was then that he met with Kakarot and the Dark Naruto, forming an alliance so that the three could somehow restore their worlds, after taking over the new ones first.