Jonouchi "Jon" Kurosaki is the younger brother to Ichigo Kurosaki and is one of the main characters of Brawl Legends.
Jon Kurosaki Anime

Jon as a teenager in Shinigami form


Jon is the younger brother to Ichigo Kurosaki, sharing the same father, Isshin, but has a different mother, Kazumi Miyahara, a kunoichi from the Land of Lightning that used to be a Konoha informants agent. His father was framed by Sosuke Aizen for the murder of Captain Draco Tenshi and was sentenced to death, having never cleared his name. His mother died in the destruction of Konoha and his older sisters, Karin and Yuzu, moved in with their aunt and uncle, leaving Jon to be raised by Ichigo. On Jon's 13th birthday, Tenshi reappeared and battled Ichigo. He effortlessly dipatched Ichigo after the latter, in a last-resort attempt, stabbed Jon with Zangetsu, giving him Ichigo's powers as well as the Inner Hollow Hichigo. Jon was overwhelmed by Hichigo and attacked, but was defeated. Tenshi spared his life only to allow Jon to train in order to put up a fight. Jon went to Konoha and trained under Kakashi, as his latent Lightning element Chakra allowed him to learn Chidori and Raikiri. He also heightened his Shinigami powers and combined Ichigo's Getsuga Tensho with Raikiri, creating the Raikiri Tensho. After this Jon set out and took up residence in the Smash Bros Universe after the Soul Society had given him orders to find the Chosen One. He's 18 now and is a Soul Reaper for Konoha as a member of Lee's Team Hatake.