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Brawl Legends


5-8 (Tenkaichi Storm series)

15-16 (Season 1)

17-18 (Seasons 3-4)

24-30 (Season 1:Epilogue-Season 2)

36-38 (BOND Legends-Season 2:Epilogue)

Voice Actor(s)

LeeHatake93 (hypothetical anime & video games)

Various video game voices (Soul Calibur and Ultimate Tenkaichi)


Sakumo Hatake (Father, deceased/Original series)

Satoru Hatake (Father, deceased/Retcon)

Shura Uchiha (Mother)

Rayne Sabakuto-Hatake (Wife)

Kakashi Hatake (Brother)

Sasuke Uchiha (Cousin, deceased)

Itachi Uchiha (Cousin, deceased)

Madara Uchiha (Ancestor, Sealed)

Raizo Uchiha (Great-Grandfather, deceased)

Jin Hatake (Son)

Aoi Hatake (Daughter)

Fallen Lee Hatake (Alternate Timeline)


Megumi Senju (Sister)

Arisu Hatake (Sister)



Game Debuts

Brawl Legends: Ultimate Ninja Revolution

BOND Legends

Brawl Super-Star Legends

Lee Hatake is the main protagonist of Brawl Legends. He was introduced as Kakashi Hatake's younger brother and is the leader of Team Hatake. He is the mainstream counterpart to Fallen Lee Hatake. Through his mother, Lee is related to the Uchiha Clan, descended from not only Madara Uchiha, but also the less commonly-known Raizo Uchiha.


Lee is the son of Konoha's White Fang, Sakumo Hatake and Sasuke's aunt, Shura Uchiha. After his birth, Lee and his mother moved next door to his grandparents and Kakashi, and his father had a daughter named Arisu Hatake before his death. Shura gave birth to a daughter, Megumi , and after being stalked by a mysterious clan of ninja, her daughter was adopted by the Senju clan, and Lee was sent to live with his grandparents. Shura is presumed to be deceased, but her exact condition is unknown, as the Uchiha clan was wiped out before Lee's birth, yet his mother survived. At age 3, Lee and his grandparents moved to Sunakagure ( the Sand Village) and lived there for 7 years. During his time in the Sand Village, Lee learned Chakra control from the Sand elders and met a girl named Rayne, who turned out to have been Gaara's daughter from the future, although they never knew this. He met, Gomakashi, a Jonin who became his idol and role model, and was pretty happy for those years. Gomakashi mysteriously vanished after Deidara captured Gaara, but Lee found a new role model in Kankuro, Gaara's older brother. (He would later find out that Gomakashi wasn't all that he thought he was.) He and Rayne became close but before they could date, Lee had to move back to Konoha to live with his brother, Kakashi. During the trip to Konoha, Lee ran into Ben Tennyson and they soon became friends after Ben transformed into Fourarms to save Lee from a falling tree caused by a storm. When Lee returned to Konoha, he was enrolled in the Ninja Academy. At the academy, Lee met his soon-to-be best friend and rival, Rig Hyuga, and learned the Rasengan from Naruto 3 years prior to graduation. He also studied with Kakashi to learn weapon skills and other techniques to help graduate the Academy, but spent most of his time training with Naruto. He awakened his Sharingan at age 13, which helped his Ninjutsu progress much quicker than it had before, mastering the Rasengan to where he didn't need to summon Shadow Clones, but preferred to as that method would form it more quckly. He graduated the Academy at age 15 and was assigned to be Sasuke Uchiha's student, due to his awakened Sharingan.

Rise of a Ninja Arc

Original Lee

Lee's design from the original series, back when he wore glasses.

Lee Hatake begins his story when he meets up with Kakashi after graduating the Academy, and soon sets off to find out who his teammates will be (Sasuke was assigned to be his squad leader). He runs by Rig and soon runs into Naruto. They have a short mock battle in which they clash Rasengans, with no decided winner. Lee then met up with Sasuke to see what training he was to be doing, and instead of the standard bell training, Lee was assigned to a mock battle with Rig Hyuga. In this form of bell training, Rig and Lee are each given a bell and their task is to take their bells from each other. Lee summoned Shadow Clones and Rig countered with the Water Dragon Jutsu. Lee and Rig then clashed Rasengan and Chidori, which resulted in a draw. Lee tricked Rig with the Harem Jutsu, and defeated Rig, taking his bell. Sasuke passes them both and they each go their own way. Lee runs home to his room and breaks out his "stash" of secret Ninjutsu scrolls he "found" in Kakashi's office. He learns the Toad Summoning Jutsu, and Sharingan copies the Forbidden Jutsu: Gedo Mark Confusion. (His Sharingan is shown to only have two "pinwheels", as he hasn't fully mastered it yet). Lee then set out to practice his Rasengan, but was interrupted when he heard that Itachi Uchiha was attacking the village. He met up with Itachi, and cast the Gedo Mark Confusion on him, and forced Itachi to fight Sasuke, who then killed him. Lee was scolded for using a forbidden Jutsu, but was ranked up to Chunin for saving the village. He summoned Gamabunta to take him home, but hadn't earned Gamabunta's respect yet, so he ended up having to walk. He is then shown practicing the Shadow Clone Jutsu and his newly acquired Water Dragon Jutsu. The next day Lee is training with Naruto and Shikamaru, and is interrupted when he hears that Sasuke is attacking the village. Naruto sets off after Sasuke and Lee follows. They run into Sasuke, and Naruto immediately goes into his Three-Tailed Mode and Sasuke awakens
Young Lee Hatake

Lee's new design. After awakening his Mangekyo Sharingan, he stopped wearing glasses.

his Curse Mark's Second State. As the two clash Rasengan and Chidori, Lee summons Gamabunta to aide Naruto, transforming him into the Nine-Tailed Fox. Lee finds Kakashi and the two return to face Sasuke. Kakashi unleashes Amaterasu at Sasuke Kakashi and Naruto are shown to both be fatigued and unable to fight, so Lee uses the Summoning Jutsu Reanimation (Another forbidden art learned from his "stash") to revive the Third Hokage, who kills Sasuke with the Reaper Death Seal who also dies afterward. Lee is ranked up to Jonin and meets up with Rig, and they soon battle. In a flashback, it is shown that Spider-Man's Symbiote attached itself to Lee the night before, believing him to be Kakashi, as Kakashi sealed it away in a seal that wore off that night. Lee and Rig then proceed to battle, both activating their Sharingan and Byakugan, respectively. Lee attacks with Shadow Clone Jutsu and Rig counters with Rotation. They clash Rasengan and Chidori which ends in a draw. They both unleash Water Dragon Jutsu, which disappear. Lee releases another Fire Ball Jutsu, just to be countered by Rotation. Lee's Sharingan evolves from two "pinwheel" to three "pinwheel", increasing his ability to read hand signs.They clash Rasengan and Chidori again, which end in a draw. Lee attacks with another Shadow Clone Jutsu and Rig counters with Water Vortex Jutsu. With Rig in the air, Lee attempted another Rasengan, and Rig forms another Chidori, but they're stopped by Kakashi, who then has to run off to assist an unknown ninja, leaving them free to continue fighting. Lee fires a Fire Ball Jutsu and Rig countered with Water Vortex Jutsu, which just creates steam. Rig is drained of Chakra and runs to fight Lee with a kunai, but Lee uses another Rasengan and defeats Rig. Rig asks why Lee is being so relentless in a mock battle, and Lee reveals his Symbiote. Afraid of what might hapen, Rig throws a paper bomb at Lee, which is thrown back to Rig. In the explosion, Rig manages to releases one more Rotation to save himself, but passes out afterward, appearing to be dead. Believing to have killed his best friend, Lee removes the Symbiote and seals it in a jar. With Rig appearing dead, Lee's Mangekyo Sharingan is awakened. He meets up with Kakashi to find out whats wrong with his eyes, but soon learns that Naruto lost control of the Kyubi and has begun to rampage around the gate of the village. Lee gives the Symbiote jar to a man he sees in Kakashi's office, and joins Kakashi to battle the Four-Tailed Naruto. Lee awakens his Mangekyo and summons Gamabunta, and turns him into the Kyubi. Gamabunta is soon defeated, and Lee leaves Kakashi to battle Naruto while he goes looking for "an old friend". Lee arrives in Tokyo to meet up with Ben Tennyson and Kevin Levin. (He arrived on a giant toad he summoned.) He requests Ben's help, and Kevin drives them back to Konoha. (Lee uses his Sharingan to copy Kevin's Osmosian powers, but this ability only lasts until the end of the arc, which is a timespan of a couple weeks). They arrive in Konoha and Ben transforms into Alien X and reverts Naruto back to human form as well as giving Naruto his control over the Fox again. Lee helps Naruto up (using Kevin's powers unknowingly to copy the Kyubi's Chakra), and shake hands with Ben (unknowingly copying Alien X, but only for about an hour.) After Ben leaves, Lee is seen training and trasforms into Alien X (but only his appearance) and soon awakens the Kyubi's Chakra. Two days later Lee is still training to master the Kyubi's Chakra, and Naruto meets up with him. Naruto states that with the death of Sasuke, he wants to be Lee's new teacher. Lee is skeptical at first, as he believes there's nothing more Naruto can teach him. Naruto offers to teach him Sage Mode, after demonstrating the Rasenshuriken and Double Rasengan, Lee agrees and his training begins. A week later, Rig awakens to find out that Naruto was kidnapped by Akatsuki and Lee followed them through a portal. Afterwards, Lee arrives in an unknown Universe...

Rescue Naruto Arc

Upon arrival in the unknown universe, Lee runs into three unknown people. When he walks up to them, he discovers that they are Kirby, Metaknight and Mario, characters from video games. Mario tells Lee that he is in the Super Smash Bros Universe and that Naruto was taken to Bowser's Castle. Lee and Mario set off for Boswer's castle while Kirby and Metaknight stay behing to fight off Koopas and other "Mario" enemies. Ganondorf is seen briefly telling Bowser to take Naruto to Hyrule, which he does. Lee and Mario arrive and fight off various Koopas. Mario warns Lee to be careful and when Lee asks if there are a bunch of traps, Mario replies that Peach might be mad that Mario hasn't saved her yet.When they reach Bowser's throne room, they discover that Naruto's been taken to Hyrule. Lee summons Shadow Clones to distract Bowser, while he tells Mario to pul a switch. Bowser falls into a pit of lava and is defeated. Lee and Mario then
Lee hatake jonin by leehatake93-d371um1
leave for Hyrule, while Rig and Kakashi attempt to save Lee, and Kirby and Metaknight fight off Bowser's minions. Lee and Mario travel for miles, and tired of waiting, Lee attempts to summon Gamabunta, but summons a pokeball instead. He releases Charizard from the pokeball, and they fly to Hyrule. Ganondorf is seen talking to an Akatsuki member, and is instructed to send Naruto to "that other castle", but to tell Lee that Naruto's at Spear Pillar. Lee and Mario arrive at Hyrule Castle and ask Ganondorf where Naruto is. Ganon tells Lee that Sasuke took Naruto to Spear Pillar. At the news that Sasuke is alive, Lee rushes at Ganondorf with a full RasenShuriken, and defeats him. Skeptical that Sasuke is alive, Lee and Mario set off for Spear Pillar in hopes of finding Naruto. Sasuke is then seen to have captured Palkia, and is talking to a hooded man that seems to be Sasuke's leader. Lee and Mario arrive at Spear Pillar to find that Sasuke is alive, and immediately begin fighting him. Sasuke "defeats" Mario with a Chidori, (As deaths in this universe are just portrayed as being turned into a Smash Bros trophy), and Lee, angered, unleashes his Mangekyo Sharingan, and uses Amaterasu, just to be countered by Sasuke's Amaterasu. Lee releases a RasenShuriken to counter Sasuke's Chidori and awakens his Sage Mode. Lee releases another Rasengan at Sasuke, followed by a Shadow Clone Barrage, and finally, slams a full-forced Chidori into Sasuke's chest, a series of moves that would have killed him, but just turned him into a trophy, instead. Lee revives Sasuke to find some answers as to how Sasuke is alive and Naruto's whereabouts. Sasuke tells Lee that Voldemort revived him and used the Imperious Curse to control him and that Sasuke is really a hero. They set off for Hogwarts to find and kill Voldemort so that they can finally rescue Naruto. Lee and Sasuke arrive at Hogwarts, and Lee breaks in with a RasenShuriken. Harry Potter arrives after Lee and Sasuke free Naruto and have already defeated the Death Eaters. Voldemort casts Avada Kedavra and hits Sasuke. Before he dies (being hit with Avada Kedavra is one of the few methods of actual death in this universe, skipping the trophy process), Sasuke tells Lee that Lee is his cousin (Lee's mother Shura is Sasuke's aunt) and transplants his Mangekyo to Lee, giving him the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. Lee, outraged, awakens his Eternal Sharingan, and forms a Giant Rasengan with Naruto's help, and charges at Voldemort (who clashed Avada Kadavra with Harry's Expelliarmus). The residual energies cause a feedback shockwave, and send Naruto and Harry flying back, while Lee's Rasengan absorbs the energies of Avada Kedavra and Naruto's Rasengan (a move he calls "Avada Kedavra Rasengan") and hits Voldemort with it, sending him flying through a wall. Lee picks up Voldemort's wand and points it at him, asking if Voldemort had any final words. Voldemort replied "When the two worlds collide, the Fallen shall rise again...", after which Lee killed Voldemort with the Killing Curse. Lee atempted to open a Mangekyo Portal, and with help from Harry's Orbis spell, hoped to return home. The combined energies of Orbis and Mangekyo Portal caused a dimensional imbalance and forced the two universes to merge, hench the "two worlds collide." Kakashi and Rig arrive and they set off to find a way to restore the universes...

Soul Swords Arc

After the merging of the Universes, Lee and the others, (Rig, Naruto, and Kakashi) leave Harry Potter to find out more about what Voldemort said..Lee explains to Kakashi what Voldemort said, "when the 2 worlds collide, the Fallen shall rise again", but neither Hatake can decipher the message. Link, the Hero of Time and main character of the "Zelda" franchise, appears and tells them that this was part of a prophecy. They follow Link to the Temple of Time, and Lee reads the prophecy: "When the two worlds collide, the Fallen shall rise and the Temple of Time will be your guide.. As the dawn reaches eternal night..a hero stands, ready to stop this plight.. With one sword of Darkness and the other of Light, as the two combine, there shall be an end to the Fallen's rise...." and the bottom of the prophecy is broken off. Lee stared at the prophecy and couldn't believe that Link thought he was the "Chosen One" of this text. Link offered Lee the Master Sword, which Lee then stabbed the pedestal of time with, and soon his Sharingan activated on its own..

Lee faced a giant, alien-looking robot that seemed to know who he was...The Fallen threatened that all Lee knew was going to end, and Lee charged at the robot with a Rasengan, only for it to fade away as he fell into a bottomless pit. Out of nowhere, an oranged-haired dude told him to grab his hand. Lee listened and was transported back to the Temple of Time, now eight years into the future. Jon Kurosaki was the guy with orange hair, and informed Lee that the "Sword of Darkness and Sword of Light" of the prophecy were Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. Lee noticed that the land of the future Smash Bros Universe was barren and nothing more than "death and destruction on a massive scale". They set out to search for the swords and soon ran into Algol, the owner of the two swords. Jon used his Bankai to create his Getsuga Tensho and combine it with the Lightning Blade( aka Raikiri) , and fired it at Algol, just for it to fly back and hit Lee. Believing Lee to be dead, everyone went into their awakened state: Hollow Possession for Jon, Mangekyo Sharingan for Kakashi, Kyubi mode for Naruto, and Byakugan for Rig. Lee was still alive, having awakened the dormant Kyubi Chakra he absorbed from Naruto, and alongside Kakashi (With an Amaterasu-enhanced Raikiri), Naruto (with a Kyubi-enhanced RasenShuriken) and his own Fire Style-enhanced Rasengan (with Jon's Raikiri Tensho and Rig's Chidori-enhanced Hyuga Rotation, as back-up) charged at Algol. The combination of Chidori-Rotation and the Raikiri Tensho distracted Algol long enough for Lee and Naruto's Rasengans and Kakashi's Raikiri to hit, causing Algol to drop the Legendary Swords and his apparent death. (Algol survived, but his current status is unknown as this future ceased to exist after these events.) Lee took the Legendary Swords and, after explaining to Naruto how he had the Kyubi's Chakra, set out to face the Fallen. After arriving in the Fallen's hideout, Lee and the team encountered Starkiller and the evil Cole MacGrath. Jon challenged the Sith as Rig challenged Cole. Lee, Naruto, and Kakashi met up with the Fallen, who revealed himself to be a hooded man wearing the Ultimatrix (disguised as a Cybertronian). Lee issues his "bring the rain" attack plan, and Naruto slips into his four tailed form and Kakashi releases his Mangekyo, but soon disappears. Naruto releases his "Four Tailed Menacing Blast", but to their surprise the Fallen deflects it into the air. Kakashi appears in the spot the blast disappeared at, and unleashed a full sized Amaterasu that appeared to hit the Fallen. As Lee prepares to cheer for the victory, he noticed the Fallen a short distance away.

It goes back to Rig's battle with Cole, in which Rig charged at Cole with a Chidori. Cole remarked that he'll just absorb it, and the Chidori-using Rig turned out to be a Water Clone (Shadow Clone in the original comic), and Rig hit Cole with the 8 Trigrams Air Palm, and used his Byakugan to locate and shut down the pressure points that control Cole's electrical powers, and Cole soon faints. Switching over to Jon, he overwhelms Starkiller by firing a fully charged Getsuga Tensho.

Back to Lee's battle, the Fallen summons two Shadow Clones and placed Naruto and Kakashi in a Genjutsu, which didn't affect Lee because of an immunity Chakra placed by Jon (this isn't mentioned or fully hinted at in the comic, but provides an explanation of why Kakashi and Naruto were unable to help Lee). Lee unleashes his Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu, which the Fallen countered with the Fire Style: Blaze Ball Jutsu. Lee began to unleash the powers of the Legendary Swords, but the Fallen cast the Reaper Death Seal on him. This Lee turned out to be another Shadow Clone, and the real Lee burst out of the ground and punched the Fallen, knocking off his hood. Seeing the fact that death was imminent, the Fallen grabbed Lee and cast a Genjutsu that projected his history into Lee's mind. Through this, Lee learned that the Fallen was an alternative future version of himself, who had lost his friends and family to the real Fallen, the ultimate Cybertronian with the ability to take on many forms and abilities, which would stop at nothing to eradicate all human life, even those he considered to be allies. After the death of his loved ones and the defeat of the Fallen due to reviving Minato Namikaze and becoming the new Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails, the alternate Lee permanately merged the two universes and killed Ben Tennyson and his loved ones, and stole the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix. He then killed Kessler and rewrote history to improve his own life for the better, as well as preparing his past self for the battle soon to come,silently watching over the past Lee through many disguises and other means, killing the original Fallen and adopting the name, "The Fallen". Then the present-day Fallen died and Lee left with his friends

to restore the universes to normal. After returning to his own universe (and finding the remaining piece of the Prophecy: "When the battle is won, the two worlds will no longer be one..."), Lee sealed the Legendary Swords away (which he soon sealed into Susano'o after awakening it for the first time a year later) and returned home, where he met up with his childhood friend, Rayne (Gaara's daughter). Kakashi resigned from being Hokage and offered Lee the job, seeing him worthy enough to accept. Lee, after declaring the law that in order to become Hokage from now on, you have to defeat the Hokage that had the job before you in a mock battle, turned down the job to his mentor, Naruto, and formed a team consisting of himself, Rig Hyuga, Rayne (who moved to Konoha from the Sand Village) and Jon Kurosaki (who decided to leave the Soul Society and return to Karakura Town, surprised that the people of Konoha would welcome him into their village so easily.)

And Lee, now in command of his own team, became a member of the ANBU Black Ops, under command of Captain Sai, and alongside his fellow teammates, prepared himself for many years to come, training to become powerful enough to beat Naruto and earn the rank of Hokage. (This attitude soon changes over the next year...)

Season 1 Epilogue

Skipping ahead 8 years into the future, the first epilogue begins with Lee meeting with the members of Team
Lee hatake adult by leehatake93-d371uyk

Lee Hatake as an adult

Hatake: himself, Rig Hyuga, Jon Kurosaki, and three others. Lee is now married to Rayne (Rayne of the Sand, aka Sabakuto no Rayne) and she is on maternity leave from Team Hatake (pregnant with Lee's first son, Jin). He states that Ben Tennyson, Kevin Levin, and Neji Hyuga will be temporary members, with Neji as the acting leader of the team while Lee prepares for his confrontation with the current Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki.

Lee then goes to the Hokage's Mansion to meet up with Naruto and comes across Rayne (who is seven months pregnant) and Naruto's wife, Sakura (who is the village doctor, and is tending to Rayne's pre-natal care). He meets with Naruto, (who is in the back yard training his eight-year-old son, Minato, and hanging out with Kakashi). Naruto and Lee then proceed to the Training Field.

Lee and Naruto both begin by throwing shuriken at each other, only to have them cancel out. Lee activates his Sharingan and both Shinobi unleash their Shadow Clones at one another. Seeing his opportunity, Lee forms lightning-fast hand seals (which he learned from training with Kakashi) and Naruto remarks that they are faster than Kakashi's. Upon completion of these hand seals, Lee unleashed four different Fire Style techniques: the Fire Ball Jutsu, Phoenix Fire Jutsu, Dragon Flame Bombs, and Blaze Ball Jutsu (a massive variant of Fire Ball Jutsu), all at once. Naruto jumps to dodge the Fire Ball Jutsu, dodges the Phoenix Fire Jutsu in mid-air, creates a Shadow Clone to throw him out of the path of the Dragon Flame Bombs, but is hit by an aerial Blaze Ball Jutsu.

Lee knows this move was child's play for Naruto, and sure enough, Naruto emerged from the flames in a One-Tailed State. Naruto returned to normal and (as tradition in these comics) formed a Rasengan as Lee did the same, and the two clashed, knocking each other backward. Lee retaliates with more lightning-quick hand signs, this time unleashing the fearsome Water Dragon Jutsu, and the hurricane-inducing Water Vortex Jutsu. Neither seemed to hit Naruto, and Lee ran for a frontal, melee assault. Naruto and Lee began fighting fist to fist until Naruto had Lee where he couldn't get free. Naruto asks what Lee is doing, only to be replied, "Distracting you."

Naruto knew that phrase all to well and knew exactly what would follow suite, but couldn't retaliate because of Lee's grip. The real Lee and a Shadow Clone appear from out of nowhere and rush at Naruto with a fully charged Giant Rasengan. Naruto is hit and is sent flying away. Lee is declared the winner of this mock battle.

Later, Lee meets with Naruto on the roof of the Hokage's Mansion and is declared Hokage before everyone in Konoha. Then, Lee, and the members and substitutes of Team Hatake, Rig, Jon, Ben, Kevin, and Neji set out for their next mission.

Chronicle Arc

Lee Hatake Jonin

Fast forwarding Lee's life by 14 years, this arc begins with Minato Uzumaki, Naruto's son, creating Shadow Clones and sending them after Lee (who is now 30 years old). Minato does Naruto's signature Shadow Clone Barrage, only to find out that Lee was a Shadow Clone himself. Lee uses the Earth Style: Headhunter Jutsu to pop out and pull Minato underground, only exposing his head. As Lee had expected, Minato was also a Shadow Clone. Lee jumps back a couple feet just as Minato bursts out of the ground in an attempted sneak-attack. Minato pulls out a kunai and attempts to fight Lee head-on, only for Lee to dodge every single attack. Minato appears behind Lee, only for Lee to pin him. Minato summons a Shadow Clone while he is pinned, to point a kunai at Lee. Lee turns out to be yet another Shadow Clone, much to Minato's frustration.

Lee unleashes Water Dragon Jutsu and Water Vortex Jutsu, for Minato to block with his army of Shadow Clones. Minato then attempts the Thousand Years of Death technique (mirroring Naruto vs Kakashi) only for Lee to dodge it. Minato summons another Shadow Clone army for Lee to defeat with his signature Fire Ball/ Blaze Ball Jutsu combo. Seeing as Lee is the most powerful opponent he's ever faced and desperate to pass his "rite-of-passage" Bell Training, Minato unleashed his most infamous, hidden technique: a variant of his father's Harem Jutsu called the "Knockout Jutsu", in which he turns into a naked version of the woman that his opponent is most attracted to.In this case he turned into Lee's wife, Rayne. Lee is stunned and is punched by the real Minato, as Minato retreives the training bells.

Lee passes Minato and ranks him a Genin, and the two have ramen afterward. Then Lee tells Minato of his childhood, growing up in the Sand Village, and training to master the Rasengan, which he decides to teach Minato.

The next day Lee sits in the office of the Hokage's Mansion complaining about all the paperwork he has to do, and Ben Tennyson (now known as Ben 10,000) arrives. Ben requests that Lee help him store the DNA of the Nine Tailed Fox into the Ultimatrix's databanks, to which Lee is reluctant to do. Ben shows that he has mastered the Ultimatrix, being able to use various alien powers without having to fully transform. Lee reluctantly agrees ( a decision he soon comes to regret) and they meet with Naruto. Lee uses his Mangekyo Sharingan to cast Naruto under a Tsukuyomi and transport himself and Tennyson into Naruto's subconciousness. They arrive at the Nine Tails's cage, and Ben commences with the DNA scan while Lee distracts the Fox by talking to it. The Kyubi goes on to talk about how Lee is a Sharingan user and how much he reminds him of Sasuke, while the scan completes. The Fox states that Sasuke was more malicious than he was, and Lee, in anger, represses the Fox, further sealing it within its cage. They return to the real world and Naruto is lifted from the Tsukuyomi, and Lee tells Naruto to make sure that Minato continues to practice the Rasengan. Lee and Tennyson arrive into the outskirts of Konoha, in order for Ben to test out the Kyubi's form (and also to prevent the destruction of the village, in the case that Ben would lose control of the transformation). Ben attempts to transform into the Fox, but instead slowly begins to release its Chakras, transforming into a One-Tailed State, and further on until he reaches the fourth tail, in which he loses control.

Lee knew that the Kyubi couldn't be controlled, so he uses his Ninja Art: Shinobi Summoning to bring Naruto, Jon and Rig to their location. The four of them travel into Tennyson's subconciousness, using the same manner as the trip to Naruto's mind, and locate Ben inside the Fox's cage. Ben states that in order for the Nine Tails to be contained, they must find Alien X in order to suppress it. Alien X is in one of over 10,000 rooms and Ben doesn't remember where he is, so Lee has Rig use his Byakugan to locate him. They find Alien X and meet with Bellicus and Serena, the conflicting emotions behind Alien X's powers. The four of them out vote the two and Lee is given a temporary Omnitrix containing only Alien X. He transforms into the alien and reverts Tennyson back to normal. He makes it forbidden for Ben to use the Kyubi ever again (even in situations where he would literally need to use it) and Ben returns to Bellwood, ashamed of what he had done. The temporary Omnitrix then fades away.

The next day Lee is seen training Minato in the mastery of the Rasengan, as well as watching over his oldest son, Jin. Jon arrives to tell Lee that he has some "guests", and Lee has Minato and Jin return home for the day. The "guests" that Jon was referring to were Nero and Hirudo Crescent. Jon challenged Hirudo off-screen, and Nero challenged Lee. Nero was a Saiyan from a country called New Jenova, and challenged Lee as he was a descendant of Madara Uchiha. Lee activated his Mangekyo Sharingan as Nero went into a Super Saiyan 1 transformation. Nero was too fast for even the Sharingan to follow, and Lee was punched directly in the face at a speed of over 100 mph. Lee turned out to have been a Shadow Clone, and appeared behind Nero, revealing to have been wearing leg weights. Lee released five of the eight Inner Chakra Gates,(which of course, he learned from Rock Lee) in an attempt to match the Saiyan's speed. He and Nero begin fighting at high speeds. Lee then releases a Fire Ball Jutsu, which Nero easily dodges, but appears behind Nero and uses the Primary Lotus to slam Nero into the ground, leaving a giant crater. Of course, Nero emerges from the crater unharmed. Nero then charges and fires a full-fledged Kamehameha, which Lee barely deflects with the Susano'o. Lee fires a giant Amaterasu at Nero, which is easily dodged, and another Shadow Clone bursts out of the ground and pins Nero. Nero could have easily escaped, but this battle proved to be quite entertaining to him, and he wanted to see Lee's full potential before killing him. Lee traps Nero in a Tsukuyomi and learns that Nero hates Konoha because his ancestor, Sephiroth, died in the crossfire in the war between Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju. Before Lee can finish his interrogation, Jon returns to tell him that the Akatsuki have returned...

New Akatsuki Arc

Soon after hearing the news of the Akatsuki's return, Lee noticed six robed people standing at the gate to Konoha. Soon Rig arrives, showing that four of these people are part of a Genjutsu illusion, but the middle Akatsuki are real. The illusion is released, and Minato runs after them, just for Lee to stop him, warning that they are too powerful for a mere Genin to fight. Rig runs after one member (which turns out to be Kisuke Ishiyama), leaving Lee and Minato to face the other one. Lee orders Minato to leave and faces the Akatsuki member alone. After Rig kills Ishiyama, it comes back to Lee, who has discovered that the Akatsuki member is Albedo. Albedo begins by turning into an unknown alien, before the story cuts to Naruto and Minato facing down Draco Tenshi and Drake Alucard. After Naruto goes into a Three-Tailed Stage, the story cuts back to Lee, who summons the Susano'o as Albedo turns into Humungousaur who manages to break through and cause the Susano'o to fade. Albedo turns into the Pokemon Deoxys (or Xenomorph in the "video game") and Lee counters by releasing the Pokemon Palkia, which uses Spacial Rend to rip Albedo apart. (although in the video game cutscene, Lee uses the Kamui to rip Albedo apart). After killing Albedo and taking his Akatsuki ring and Omnitrix, Lee contacts Jon to locate any available Jonin, which there are none, so he attempts to enlist the help of Nero and Hirudo. The story breaks back to Naruto fighting and killing Drake Alucard, Jon beginning his fight with Tenshi, Minato and Rig battling Raiden and Kane (respectively), Minato killing Kane and reuniting with Naruto, Kakashi meeting up with Jon and killing Tenshi, and finally Gaara meeting up with Rig and killing Raiden. The story returns to Lee, again, attempting to enlist Nero and Hirudo to battle the Akatsuki. Lee and Nero discover that Hirudo is an Akatsuki spy, and Nero begins to battle Hirudo. Lee attempts to help Nero by using his Susano'o, but Nero insists on battling his brother alone. Nero and Hirudo duke it out, causing collateral damage to the Hokage's Mansion and surrounding buildings. Hirudo and Nero eventually fight to the point of relying on their swords, which Nero impales Hirudo with the Sword of Sephiroth, and Hirudo throws his sword at Lee, only for Nero to become impaled by and manage to block it. Lee doesn't understand why Nero would save him only to be replied "I'll be the one to kick your ass, Uchiha." before Nero fainted. Lee used Kamui to teleport over to the pinned Hirudo, and used his Tsukuyomi to get him to reveal the leader of Akatsuki. Hirudo's last word before death were "Ma..Da..Ra", which Lee understood to be the one and only, Madara Uchiha, a former ally of the Fallen Lee Hatake, during his time as the Akatsuki Leader, which the Fallen warned him about..(off-screen, during the flashback of the Fallen Lee's history and origin..) Lee helped Nero up, as the Saiyan had regained conciousness, but decided not to tell him who the Akatsuki's true leader was, as Nero would prove to be a valuable ally to defend Konoha from any more Akatsuki raids.(and he knew Nero had a deep hatred of the Uchiha, and feared he would lose his newfound trust that Nero seemed to show toward him). After reuniting with the rest of his allies, Lee had Gaara take Nero and Minato to the Konoha hospital to have their injuries patched up. After Nero and the others are out of range,he meets with his oldest son, Jin and Jon's son, Ichiro, and sends them to Rayne and the rest of the Jonin that are assigned to the village protection. Afterwards, Lee recaps what happened in the battle with Hirudo and orders Kakashi and Naruto to stay in the village. Naruto, angered and feeling prejudiced, remarks: "Why should I have to stay here!? I'm not scared of Madara, we've faced him before! I'm not just some Jinchuriki, I...." and he's cut off by Lee stating: "I NEVER said anything about you being just "some" Jinchuriki!! Think of the people of this village! Naruto, aside from Team Hatake, you and Kakashi are the MOST powerful of any other Shinobi from Konoha!! I need you two to stay behind, not because I think you're weak or some mindless Jinchuriki monster, but to stay and protect Konoha from any other potential Akatsuki raids! That's why you two, Gaara, and Nero HAVE to stay behind, to protect civilians, children and any others that are too weak to fight on their own! I'd expect a former HOKAGE to know all that. You just assumed that I'm predjudiced against Jinchuriki? NO!!! Believe me, I'd prefer any and all back-up if at all possible, but that's NOT an option!!" After that little rant, Lee summons three Shadow Clones for Naruto to watch over, stating that they are for "that Jutsu". He, Jon and Rig set out for the Final Valley (or the "Valley of the End" in Shonen Jump's translation), the Akatsuki HQ that the Fallen Lee had told the current Lee about. Lee breaks through the wall with a Rasengan, and Lee, Jon and Rig meet up with three "Tobi" Madara Uchihas, two, of which, are hooded. Lee immediatly notices that the unhooded Madara is the real thing, but Rig and Jon chase after the other two anyway. The Madaras that Rig and Jon fight are their counterparts from Fallen Lee's timeline, revived as Madara's new servants.

After the true Madara reveals his face, Lee draws on the Chakra of his first Clone, awakening his Sage Mode (as Sharingan won't have much effect on Madara). During Rig and Jon's battles with their "Dark Clones", Lee is drained of Sage Mode and draws on the second Clone's Chakra, leaving one remaining. Madara abandons the "Tobi" guise, and awakens his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. Madara fires a Blaze Ball Jutsu as Lee manages to block with his Water Dragon Jutsu. After losing Sage Mode yet again, Lee draws on the final Clone's Chakra. He summons two Shadow Clones, and with their Chakra forms a Rasenshuriken, which he hurls at Madara. The techniques phases through Madara as if he were a ghost, and the Uchiha just laughs. He states that if Lee is this weak, then he can just walk into the village and take Jin with no effort. He also states that the Akatsuki came to Konoha to extract the Shukaku from Jin. This news infuriates Lee, and he immediatly awakens his own Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, and summons the Susano'o in its Second Stage form. He releases the energies of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur combined with the Susano'o and uses the Sealing Jutsu: A Thousand Year Seal to seal Madara within the Susano'o, killing him immediatly and causing him to appear in the realm of the Reaper Death Seal, alongside the Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Senju Brothers, Minato Namikaze, and Orochimaru. He meets up with Rig and Jon, and they return to Konoha.

They meet with Nero, who they offer to join them. Nero declines, stating that he has to return to New Jenova, and Jin Hatake enrolls in the Konoha Academy.

Future Epilogue

This ending has now been dubbed non-canon. Another eight years pass and during those years Kakashi dies of old age, after which his Sharingan is transplanted to Naruto, whose life is also cut short due to overexposure of the Kyubi's massive amount of Chakra. After Kakashi and Naruto's deaths, the Sharingan (Kakashi's that originally belonged to Obito Uchiha, a friend of Kakashi's) is kept and the Kyubi is resealed within Minato, making him the full-fledged Jinchuriki of the Nine Tailed Fox, rather than only having a small, inherited amount of the creature's immense Chakra. Lee's oldest son, Jin (now 13 years old), as well as his genius younger siblings, Aoi (the daughter, 12 years old) and Shin (the youngest son, 11 years old) have graduated Konoha Academy. As a graduation gift alongside his Konoha headband, Jin receives his late uncle's Sharingan, transplanted into his left eye (the same eye as Kakashi). Lee assigns Minato Uzumaki as Jin's squad leader, and Aoi, Shin and Ichiro Kurosaki (Jon's son) to be his squadmates, forming the new Squad Seven (7). Lee sends Minato to give his new team the "rite-of-passage" Bell Training while he meets with the members of Team Hatake. (note that Lee, Rig Hyuga, Rayne, and Ben 10K are now 38 years old, and Jon Kurosaki is 39. Nero, although not a member of this team nor a villager of Konoha, is now 46 years old.) Lee officially declares that Team Hatake is disbanded, due to the members' family lives. Ben is assigned to return to Bellwood (the story takes place in Konoha, which is located in Japan, whereas Ben's hometown, Bellwood, is in the United States.) while Lee and Jon stay in Konoha to watch over their families. (Lee is still the Hokage and is obligated to protect the village, and altough Jon has the freedom to return to Karakura Town, he, his wife, Akari, and his son, Ichiro, all prefer to live in Konoha.) Rig, as he is the only member that hasn't started a family, is free to do whatever he wants. After the meeting is adjourned, Rig decides to return to the Land of Waves to become the new Mizukage, and Lee bids him goodbye.


This is the new canon, due to key elements of the series being rewritten.

Character Changes

  1. Lee is no longer the biological brother of Kakashi, due to conflicts with the timeline. He is now the son of Shura Uchiha and a man named Satoru, and was adopted into the Hatake family. The same happens with Rayne Sabakuto. She is no longer Gaara's daughter, and is now Gaara's cousin on his father's side.
  2. The characters of Kisuke Ishiyama and Drake Alucard have been rewritten. Alucard no longer exists and the Venom symbiote has been removed entirely, making Ishiyama no longer a threat. As such, both of these characters are no longer Akatsuki members, and their battles are removed entirely.
  3. Since the Venom symbiote no longer exists, Lee is no longer effected by it. Instead, he is overcome by a mind-altering technique used by the Fallen Lee, to test himself.
  4. Naruto no longer loses control of the Nine-Tails, so Lee never has to recruit Ben Tennyson to help stop him.
  5. Sasuke is no longer killed and resurrected, hence, the third Hokage is never revived. He simply betrays the heroes later on in the story.
  6. Voldemort and Harry Potter are no longer part of the story. Sasuke's death will be rewritten.
  7. The scenario where Ben Tennyson wants to add the Nine-Tailed Fox to his Omnitrix is removed entirely.
  8. Nero and Hirudo are no longer much older than Lee. Hirudo is now the same age as Jon Kurosaki, and Nero is only three years older than Lee.
  9. Lee's son, Shin, has been retconned. Now, he is only the father of Jin and Aoi. Shin no longer exists.

New Akatsuki Arc

The story goes pretty much the same as the original, although Drake Alucard and Kisuke Ishiyama are no longer present.

After defeating Madara, Lee, Jon, and Rig return to Konoha to check on the status of Naruto, Kakashi, and Nero Crescent. When they return, they offer to let Nero join Team Hatake and take up residence in Konoha, however, Nero respectfully declines as he heads back to New Jenova. However, as he leaves the gates, he tells Lee that he wants a rematch, and proceeds to begin training to become stronger. The next day, Lee takes his son, Jin, to enroll in the Ninja Academy as Minato begins training with his father, Naruto.

Two years later, Lee and Team Hatake return from a trip to the Sand Village only to find Konoha in a state of panic. A mysterious masked man attacked the village, and managed to kill Kakashi. Before he can mourn his brother, however, Lee hears the roars of the Nine-Tailed Fox and heads in the direction of the sound with Minato Uzumaki and Akari Kurosaki while Rayne, Rig and Jon return to the village to check for more casualties.

Lee and his team arrive just as the masked man delivers a finishing blow to Naruto, extracting the Nine-Tails from him. Lee summons Shadow Clones to combat the masked man as he attempts to restrain the Nine-Tails, and Minato assist Akari as she heads over in an effort to heal Naruto. However, the masked man claims that his work there is done, and flees. Lee's Shadow Clones give chase and manage to knock away part of the man's mask, catching a glimpse of what they think to be a black-haired Naruto. The masked man disposes of all but one of Lee's clones, restraining the last one. Lee's clone asks the man his name, and he replies "Menma Namikaze" as he destroys Lee's clone.

The information is transferred to the real Lee and he vows to avenge Naruto by hunting down Menma. However, more pressing matters are at hand. Lee manages to restrain the Nine-Tails with his Susano'o, although he soon hears Minato wailing as Naruto dies. With no other options left, Lee performs the Tailed Beast Sealing Jutsu to seal the Nine-Tails inside of Minato, making him the new Jinchuriki.


  • Lee is one of the most recurring characters in Brawl Legends, appearing in all chapters of Season 1, and nearly every chapter of Season 2. He's planned to appear in every chapter of future seasons as well.
  • Lee, alongside Cole MacGrath of inFamous, also makes several appearances outside of Brawl Legends, although not quite as many as the latter. He usually makes appearances in LeeHatake93's video games that allow character creation, alongside fellow members of Team Hatake and the Crescent Brothers.
  • These games include LeeHatake93's copies of: Wii Sports/Other related games (As a Mii), Soul Calibur IV (several ages), Pokemon: Battle Revolution (as a Pokemon Trainer), Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues (As an adventurer), Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 (as a Wizard), Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars (As a Jedi), Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi (As a Saiyan), and Soul Calibur V (As Hokage, Alternate Hokage, and as LeeHatake93).
  • His appearances in these games make Lee the character with the most alternate forms, whether they are canon or non-canon. He also appears in The Sims 2 as a civilian character (non-canon).
  • He would make his first canon video game appearance in both versions of Brawl Legends: Ultimate Ninja Revolution, the video game of Brawl Legends. He would also appear in PlayStation All-Stars Flash Battle Royale.
  • Lee, alongside Rig Hyuga, Jon Kurosaki, and the Crescent Brothers, would also appear as DLC in Shonen Jump All-Stars Brawl.