Below is a list of all characters' movesets in Sony Playstation Smash Bros.
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The roster of PlayStaion Smash Bros

Normal RosterEdit

The moves for characters available without the use of DLC.

Cole MacGrath (Good Karma)Edit


  • Neutral- Kinetic Pulse
  • Side- Ice Grenade
  • Down- Lightning Strike
  • Up- Ionic Launch

Final Smash

  • Freezing Ionic Vortex

Evil Cole MacGrathEdit

Specials (Base):

  • Neutral- Spikers
  • Side- Napalm Grenade
  • Down- Firebird Strike
  • Up- Firebird Launch

Final Smash-

  • Ionic Drain (Transforms into the Beast)

Specials (Beast Form):

  • Neutral- Ray Field Blast
  • Side- Ray Field Beam
  • Down- Ray Field Bomb
  • Up- Ionic Punch

Final Smash-

  • Ionic Explosion



  • Neutral- Ionic Pulse
  • Side- Aura Clone
  • Down- Ionic Shockwave
  • Up- Teleport

Final Smash-

  • Ionic Storm

Alden TateEdit

Specials (Base Form):

  • Neutral- Psychic Blast
  • Side- Car Throw
  • Down- Metal Crab Creation
  • Up- Levitating Blast

Final Smash-

  • Golem Transformation

Specials (Golem Form):

  • Neutral- Fist Slam
  • Side- Golem Gatling Gun
  • Down- Boulder Throw
  • Up- Body Slam

Kuo and NixEdit

Specials (Both): Final Smash-

  • Ionic Fusion

Specials (Kuo):

  • Neutral- Frost Shield
  • Side- Shattering Blast
  • Down- Switch to Nix
  • Up- Ice Launch

Specials (Nix):

  • Neutral- Napalm Prison
  • Side- Napalm Pulse
  • Down- Switch to Kuo
  • Up- Rising Firebird Strike



  • Neutral- Apollo's Bow
  • Side- Hermes Dash
  • Down- Blades of Exile
  • Up- Nemean Cestus

Final Smash-

  • Blade of Olympus


Specials (Jak):

  • Neutral- Scatter Gun
  • Side- Arc Wielder
  • Down- Light Jak Transformation
  • Up- Spinning Beam Reflexor

Final Smash-

  • Dark Jak Transformation

Specials (Light Jak):

  • Neutral- Light Eco Shield
  • Side- Light Blast
  • Down- Revert
  • Up- Light Flight

Final Smash-

  • Flash Freeze

Specials (Dark Jak):

  • Neutral- Dark Strike
  • Side- Dark Barrage
  • Down- Dark Bomb
  • Up- Dark Blast

Final Smash-

  • Dark Explosion

Ashelin PraxisEdit


  • Neutral- Vulcan Fury
  • Side- Plasmite RPG
  • Down- Wave Concussor
  • Up- Gyro Burster

Final Smash-

  • Peace Maker: Super Nova

Baron PraxisEdit


  • Neutral- Plasmite Grenade
  • Side- Arc Wielder
  • Down- Eco Sword Smash
  • Up- Blaster Uppercut

Final Smash-

  • Piercer Bomb

Note: Praxis' moveset is based on the Krimzon Guard soldiers

Young JakEdit


  • Neutral- Orange Eco: Fireball
  • Side- Blue Eco: Barrage
  • Down- Red Eco: Slam
  • Up- Spinning Kick

Final Smash-

  • Eco Storm

Sonic the HedgehogEdit

Specials (Base):

  • Neutral- Homing Attack
  • Side- Light Dash
  • Down- Spin Dash
  • Up- Spring Jump

Final Smash-

  • Super Sonic

Specials (Super Sonic):

  • Neutral- Homing Attack
  • Side- Spin Dash
  • Down- Blue Tornado
  • Up- Flare Burst


Nathan DrakeEdit


  • Neutral- Riot Shield
  • Side- RPG
  • Down- Grenade
  • Up- Grappling Hook

Final Smash-

  • Anti-Aircraft Gun

Zoran LazarevicEdit


  • Neutral- Shotgun
  • Side- 92FS-9mm
  • Down- Resin Bomb
  • Up- Knife Thrust

Final Smash-

  • Resin Explosion

Shadow the HedgehogEdit

Specials (Base):

  • Neutral- Chaos Blast
  • Side- Motorcycle
  • Down- Spin Dash
  • Up- Chaos Spear

Final Smash-

  • Chaos Control (Transforms into Super Shadow)

Specials (Super Shadow):

  • Neutral- Chaos Blast
  • Side- Chaos Spear
  • Down- Chaos Smash
  • Up- Chaos Control (Teleport)



  • Neutral- Burp Cannon
  • Side- Plasma Coil
  • Down- Fusion Grenade
  • Up- Gravitron Glove

Final Smash-

  • Omega Fusion Bomb



  • Neutral- Plasma Whip
  • Side- Blowtorch Briefcase
  • Down- Lightning Rod
  • Up- Proto Wrist Mortar

Final Smash

  • Proto Hellfire Haversack

Sly CooperEdit


  • Neutral- Spinning Staff
  • Side- Staff Barrage
  • Down- Smoke Bomb
  • Up- Grappling Hook

Final Smash

  • Honor Among Thieves

Sweet ToothEdit

Specials (on foot):

  • Neutral- Shotgun
  • Side- Flamethrower
  • Down- Clown Grenade
  • Up- Upward Thrust

Final Smash

  • Clown Mecha

Specials (Clown Mecha):

  • Neutral- Machine Gun Fire
  • Side- Convert (transforms into vehicle and runs over opponent)
  • Down- Rocket Launchers
  • Up- Uppercut

Nathan HaleEdit


  • Neutral- Shrapnel Grenade
  • Side- Atomizer
  • Down- Sledgehammer
  • Up- Jetpack

Final Smash

  • Wildfire



  • Neutral- Swallow (Copies opponent)
  • Side- Hammer
  • Down- Downward Smash
  • Up- Sword Slash

Final Smash

  • Sackboy Army

Naruto UzumakiEdit

Specials (Base Form):

  • Neutral- Rasengan
  • Side- Demon Wind Shuriken
  • Down- Sage Transformation
  • Up- Shadow Clone: Rising Kunai

Final Smash

  • Nine-Tails Awakening

Specials (Sage Mode):

  • Neutral- Rasenrengan (Rasengan Barrage)
  • Side- Wind Style: Rasenshuriken
  • Down- Revert
  • Up- Giant Rasengan

Final Smash

  • Jinchuriki Control Awakening

Specials (Three-Tailed):

  • Neutral- Vermillion Rasengan
  • Side- Six-Tailed Chakra Blast
  • Down- Four-Tailed Chakra Arms
  • Up- Spinning Claws

Final Smash- Eight-Tailed Bomb

Specials (Nine-Tails Control):

  • Neutral- Rasenrangan (Rasengan Riot)
  • Side- Mini-Rasenshuriken Barrage
  • Down- Rasenkyugan (Rasengan Vaccuum)
  • Up- Tailed Beast Rasengan

Final Smash

  • Bijudama Flash (Tailed Beast Bomb Flash)