PlayStation All-Stars is a series of minicomics by LeeHatake93. Each comic is around 4-6 panels long and features four random All-Stars, two of which are usually rivals, in different situations that parody many forms of entertainment. There is also a manga series being considered at this time. It would put the characters in more serious situations, and it would be more mature than the comedy series.


In PlayStation All-Stars, many warriors from different universes are brought together by Polygon Man to fight for their right to be placed as icons in PlayStation history. Many of these characters meet at a time and interact in various scenarios.


Character Manga Appearance Comic Appearance
Big Daddy Coming Soon.. Coming Soon..
Clank Coming Soon..
Cole MacGrath (Evil) Coming Soon.. Coming Soon..
Cole MacGrath (Hero)
Cole Manga
Starkiller Cole
Colonel Radec Coming Soon.. Coming Soon..
Dante Coming Soon.. Coming Soon..
Daxter Coming Soon..
Dusty Coming Soon.. Coming Soon..
Emmett Graves Coming Soon.. Coming Soon..
Fat Princess Coming Soon.. Coming Soon..
Heihachi Mishima Coming Soon..
Isaac Clarke Coming Soon.. Coming Soon..
Jak Coming Soon..
Jak the Human
Kat Coming Soon.. Coming Soon..
Kratos Coming Soon..
Kratos Skywalker
Nariko Coming Soon.. Coming Soon..
Nathan Drake Coming Soon.. Coming Soon..
PaRappa Coming Soon..
PaRappa Comic
Polygon Man
Polygon Man Manga
Polygon Man
Raiden Coming Soon.. Coming Soon..
Ratchet Coming Soon..
Sackboy Coming Soon.. Coming Soon..
Sir Daniel Fortesque Coming Soon..
Sir Daniel Fortesrque Comic
Sly Cooper Coming Soon..
Sly Cooper
Spike Coming Soon..
Sweet Tooth Coming Soon..
Sweet Joker
Toro Inoue
Toro Manga
Zeus Manga
Emperor Zeus

Character Cameos

Character Appearance Appears In:
Enter Another World
Slender Man
Enter Another World
Enter Another World
Toon Link
Toon Link PSASBR
Enter Another World
Polygon Man's Worst Fear


  • PlayStation All-Stars Z
  • PlayStation All-Star Wars
  • Precursor Time with Jak and Daxter
  • Polygon Man's Worst Fear
  • Enter Another World


  • Heihachi Mishima is the first character revealed who wears his regular clothing, the others being Clank and Sly Cooper.
    • PaRappa also wears his regular clothing, although he has a Dragon Ball on his beanie.
    • The same goes for Ratchet and Daxter, although Ratchet wears a regular T-shirt, and Daxter wears a headband.
  • Zeus has pupils and irises in the comics.
  • Due to the style of his design, Polygon Man is the only character who is shaded differently from the other characters in the colored comics.
    • He is also the only character who IS shaded in the manga.
    • Weegee isn't even shaded at all.
  • Toro Inoue is the only character whose full body is shown.