In B.O.N.D, (and to a degree Brawl Legends), the Potara Rings (not to be confused with Potara Earrings) are a third method of Fusion created to stop the evil villain, Bankatsu no Akuma.
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A Potara Ring


With warriors now fusing from different universes, a permanant fusion was a more problematic strategy than ever before. Solution? Elder Kai, taking the disadvantages of both fusion methods in mind, created a new item out of the same material as the Potara Earrings. With slight enhancements with Kachine, the most dense element in the known Dragon Ball universe, he created the Potara Rings. These new rings held the power to fuse whoever wore twin rings on the same finger within a certain proximity at the same time. These were nigh indestructible, and as long as they were worn, the wearers would remain fused. Therefore the benefit of this fusion over the other types: this fusion could be sustained as long as needed and be terminated when the wearers saw fit. In addition, a new, multi-fusion could be performed if the fusees wore 4 congruent rings and could be released in the same fashion. Even in a normal two person fusion, the magic produced was much stronger than before, and created much more powerful fusion warriors.


A list of known fusions that use this method:

  • Naroku (Naruto and Goku)
  • Vegesuke (Vegeta and Sasuke)
  • Luchigo (Luffy and Ichigo)
  • Gonohamarunks (Konohamaru and Gotenks)
  • Carbitaro (Coby, Tarble, Obito Uchiha, and Hanataro Yamada)
  • Barnato (Bardock and Minato)
  • Future Gohanks (Future Gohan and Trunks)
  • Goruchigo (Goku, Naruto, and Ichigo)
  • BOND (Naroku and Luchigo)
  • Zyagesuke (Roronoa Zoro, Byakuya Kuchiki, Vegeta, and Sasuke Uchiha)

and many other unnamed ones.