Rig Hyuga (called Ryujinki Hyuga in Japanese) is a member of Konoha's Hyuga clan and is the nephew to Neji Hyuga. He was also Lee Hatake's best friend through the Ninja Academy.

Teenaged Rig Hyuga as depicted in the manga


Rig Hyuga Anima Color

Teenaged Rig Hyuga as depicted in the anime

Rig Hyuga is the son of Ryokutashi "Rig" Hyuga and an unknown woman. At a young age he was separated from his parents as they were fighting other shinobi and he was also separated from his siblings. He was taken in by the Mizukage when he was 3 and was raised in the Land of Waves up to the age of ten. While in the Land of Waves, he was trained by the Mizukage in Water Style Ninjutsu and became adept at it. During a war situation during the alliance of the Five Shinobi Nations, Rig accompanied the Mizukage to the Village Hidden in the Clouds, where he met the Raikage. The Raikage, having lost his arm during a fight with the Akatsuki, sensed Rig's dormant Lightning Chakra nature and decided to teach him in these arts. Rig learned the Chidori, a technique that the Raikage had faced during a battle with Sasuke Uchiha, which was passed to Rig. After his training with the Raikage, Rig returned to the Land of Waves and soon learned of his Hyuga heritage. He was sent to Konoha to live with his uncle Neji and was soon enrolled in Konoha Academy. During his time at the Academy, Neji taught Rig several Hyuga techniques to help him throughout his school years. Having been born to Neji's brother, Rig was assigned to the Hyuga's Lower Branch and was branded with their Curse Mark. He soon met Lee Hatake, the younger brother of Kakashi Hatake, and graduated the Academy at age 15.