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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

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Super Smash Bros (Wii U and 3DS)

Super All-Stars Brawl is a hypothetical video game idea by LeeHatake93. It would be his crossover of Super Smash Bros and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and would feature many veterans from PlayStation All-Stars, Super Smash Bros Brawl, and Super Smash Bros Melee.


After his defeat at the hands of the All-Stars, Polygon Man wanders the Multiverse, seeking a new world to live in. He eventually finds the World of Trophies, and attempts to take it over when he is challenged by Master Hand. He manages to defeat him and convert him into his minion. Crazy Hand is also converted after a failed attempt to stop him, and Polygon Man now dubs himself Master Polygon, and corrupted by the two Hands' evil personas, decides to take revenge on the All-Stars by merging the PlayStation Realm with the World of Trophies, unintentionally reviving Tabuu as well as creating a new Subspace. Forming an alliance with the villains of each world, Master Polygon forms an army and once again brings the All-Stars together, this time pinning them against the Smash Brothers.

The story is broken into two modes: Arcade, which covers the story of each character in the style of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royle, and Adventure Mode: Dimensional Evolution, a detailed side-scrolling story mode in the style of Super Smash Bros Brawl.


In Super All-Stars Brawl, up to four players fight on screen using characters from various PlayStation and Nintendo franchises. Stages in the game are inspired by two different franchises for each stage. The stages will interact with the player by changing the landscape or posing a threat. Items will spawn on stages for the characters to use, and the method of victory is dependant on the console.

For owners of the Nintendo versions, the gameplay is like Super Smash Bros in that battles are based off of damaging your opponent and sending them flying off the stage. Each character is given four special attacks and one Final Smash, an ultimate move that can cause high damage or instantly KO every character within its range. The characters returning from Super Smash Bros Melee receive Final Smashes for the first time, as well as certain Brawl veterans receiving entirely new Final Smashes. For the PlayStation All-Stars roster, each character's level 3 Super Move becomes their Final Smash.

PlayStation owners receive the same gameplay of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, only with additional features. New battle modes, such as Stock and Final Form Combat, are added. Each character recieves a unique moveset and is given three Super Moves that result in an instant KO, the goal being to get as many KO's as possible. In Stock matches, each character is given a set number of lives and are limited to only using their Level 2 and Level 3 Supers to make the opportunity to score kills more challenging. In Final Form Combat, characters that transform in their Level 3 Supers, such as Evil Cole, Jak, and Bowser, are able to transform at the beginning of battle and maintain their transformation throughout the battle, recieving new Super Moves as well.

Playable Characters

All of the characters from PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and the Super Smash Bros series return, in addition to new characters never seen in the series.

Character Voice Actor Game Franchise Minion
Avatar N/A PlayStation Home Kevin Butler
Big Daddy N/A BioShock Andrew Ryan
Bowser Kenny James Super Mario Bros Koopa Trooper
Captain Falcon Ryo Horikawa F-Zero Samurai Goroh
Chimera Hybrid N/A Resistance Chimera Soldier
Cloud Strife Steve Burton Final Fantasy Tifa Lockhart
Cole MacGrath Eric Ladin inFamous Trish
Colonel Radec Sean Pertree Killzone Helghast Soldier
Crash Bandicoot Brendan O'Brien Crash Bandicoot Coco
Dante Tim Phillips Devil May Cry Kat
Diddy Kong Katsumi Suzuki Donkey Kong Dixie Kong
Donkey Kong Takashi Nagasako Donkey Kong Cranky Kong
Dragonborn Uncredited The Elder Scrolls Paarthurnax
Emmett Graves Khary Payton Starhawk Logan
Evil Cole MacGrath Eric Ladin inFamous Sasha
Falco Lombardi Dex Manly Star Fox Slippy
Fat Princess Tara Strong Fat Princess Warrior
Fox McCloud Jim Walker Star Fox Krystal
Ganondorf Hironori Miyata The Legend of Zelda Zant
Heihachi Mishima Unsho Ishizuka Tekken Kuma
Ice Climbers Sanae Kobayashi Ice Climbers 8-Bit Ice Climbers
Ike Jason Adkins Fire Emblem Lyn
Isaac Aya Hara Golden Sun Matthew
Jak and Daxter

Mike Erwin (Jak)

Max Casella (Daxter)

Jak and Daxter Keira
Jigglypuff Racheal Lillis Pokemon Igglybuff
Jimmy Hopkins Gerry Rosenthal Bully Pete
Joel Troy Baker The Last of Us Ellie
John Marston Rob Wiethoff Red Dead Abigail Marston
Kat Sanae Kobayashi Gravity Rush Dusty
King Dedede Masahiro Sakurai Kirby Waddledee
Kirby Makiko Ohmoto Kirby Gooey
Kratos "TC" Carson God of War Athena
Link Takashi Ohara The Legend of Zelda Midna
Lucario Bill Rogers Pokemon Riley
Lucas Lani Minella Earthbound Claus
Luigi Charles Martinet Super Mario Bros Daisy
Mario Charles Martinet Super Mario Bros Yoshi
Marth Hikaru Midorikawa Fire Emblem Roy
Master Polygon

David Hayter (Polygon Man)

Pat Cashman (Master/Crazy Hands)

Super Smash Bros
Masahiro Sakurai
Omar Kendall
Maxwell N/A ScribbleNauts Lily
Meta Knight Jay Ward Kirby Dark Matter
Mewtwo Dan Green Pokemon Mew
Mii N/A Wii Sports Shigeru Miyamoto Mii
Mr. Game & Watch N/A Game & Watch Gallery 8-Bit Mario
Nariko Jennifer Hale Heavenly Sword Kai
Nathan Drake Nolan North Uncharted Sully
Ness Makiko Ohmoto Earthbound Porky
Nightmare Patrick Ryan Soul Calibur Astaroth
Niko Bellic Michael Hollick Grand Theft Auto Roman
Olimar N/A Pikmin Pikmin
PaRappa Dred Foxx PaRappa the Rapper PJ Berri
Pikachu Ikue Ohtani Pokemon Pichu
Pit Troy Lund

Kid Icarus

Princess Peach Samantha Kelly Super Mario Bros Toad
Princess Zelda/Shiek Jun Mizusawa The Legend of Zelda Impa
Raiden Quinton Flynn Metal Gear Sam
Ratchet & Clank

James Arnold Taylor (Ratchet)

David Kaye (Clank)

Ratchet & Clank Captain Qwark
Red (Pokemon Trainer)

N/A (Red)

Eric Stuart (Blastoise)

Kayzie Rogers (Venusaur)

Shinichirou Miki (Charizard)

Pokemon Professor Oak
R.O.B. N/A Nintendo R.O.B.Sentry
Sackboy N/A LittleBigPlanet Sackbot
Samus Aran/Zero Suit Samus Alesia Glidewell Metroid Ridley
Scorpion Ed Boon Mortal Kombat Shao Kahn
Sir Daniel Fortesque Stephane Cornicarde MediEvil Kiya
Sly Cooper Kevin Miller Sly Cooper Murray
Solid Snake David Hayter Metal Gear Mei Ling
Sonic the Hedgehog Roger Craig Smith Sonic the Hedgehog Amy
Sora Haley Joel Osment Kingdom Hearts Kairi
Spike Marc Silk Ape Escape Monkey
Spyro the Dragon Tom Kenny Spyro the Dragon Sparks
Starkiller Sam Witwer The Force Unleashed Juno Eclipse
Sweet Tooth J.S. Gilbert Twisted Metal Dollface
Tabuu Nolan North Super Smash Bros Subspace Plasmid
Tag N/A ModNation Racers Chief
Toro Inoue N/A Doku Demo Issyo Pierre
Wario Charles Martinet Wario Ware Waluigi
Wolf O'Donnell Jay Ward Star Fox Panther Caroso
Yoshi Kazumi Totaka Yoshi's Island Baby Mario
Young Link Fujiko Takimoto The Legend of Zelda Saria

Assist Characters (In Progress)

Non-playable characters that will help the player who summoned them.

Character Game Franchise
Ashelin Praxis Jak and Daxter
Bowser Jr. Super Mario Bros
Crunch Banicoot Crash Bandicoot
Elena Fisher Uncharted
King Tekken
Nix inFamous
Samurai Goroh F-Zero
Zeke Dunbar inFamous

Stages (In Progress)

Stage Primary Representation Secondary Representation Stage Character(s)
Alden's Tower inFamous Pokemon Giratina
Augmented Reality Nintendo 3DS Gravity Rush Raven
AR Dragon
Battlefield Super Smash Bros PlayStation All-Stars TBA
Bullworth Academy Bully The Last of Us Gary Smith
The Infected
Cake Haven Fat Princess Cooking Mama Cooking Mama
Castle Siege Fire Emblem Shadow of the Colossus Different Colossi
Custom Track ModNation Racers ScribbleNauts TBA
Dojo PaRappa the Rapper Animal Crossing Master Onion
K.K. Slider
Dreamscape LittleBigPlanet Super Mario Galaxy Larry DaVinci
Starship Mario
Final Destination Super Smash Bros PlayStation All-Stars TBA
Flat Zone X Game & Watch Patapon
Many Patapon
Many Unown
Franzea LocoRoco ElectroPlankton Kulche
Green Hill Zone Sonic the Hedgehog Hot Shots! Tails
Hades God of War Kid Icarus Hades (GoW)
Hades (KI:U)
Kongo Jungle Donkey Kong Ape Escape King K. Rool
K. Lumsy
Lazarevic's Train Uncharted Warhawk Warhawk Ships
Los Santos Grand Theft Auto Red Dead Redemption Police
Lylat Cruise Star Fox Starhawk
The Force Unleashed
Starhawk Ships
The Rogue Shadow
Mario Grand Prix Mario Kart F-Zero
ModNation Racers
Twisted Metal
F-Zero Pilots
Kart Racers
Mod Racers
Metropolis Ratchet & Clank Metroid Captain Qwark
Mii Channel Nintendo Mii Channel PlayStation Home Various Miis
Mishima Estate Tekken Heavenly Sword Kazuya
Jin Kazama
N's Castle Pokemon The Legend of Dragoon TBA
Paris Sly Cooper Ice Climbers TBA
PictoChat Nintendo DS LittleBigPlanet Negativitron
Port Town Aero Dive F-Zero WipEout TBA
Raxus Prime The Force Unleashed inFamous Kazden Paratus
Alden Tate
Dust Men
Sandover Village Jak and Daxter The Legend of Zelda Samos
Skull Kid
The Moon
The Four Giants
San Francisco Resistance Star Fox Star Wolf Pilots
Chimera Soldier
Shadow Moses Island Metal Gear Devil May Cry RAY
Skyworld Kid Icarus The Elder Scrolls Alduin
Stowaways Uncharted Kirby The Halberd
St. Ignatius Cathedral inFamous Luigi's Mansion Bloody Mary
King Boo
Subspace Super Smash Bros Nintendo
Temple of Time The Legend of Zelda MediEvil Twinrova
Throat of the World The Elder Scrolls Spyro the Dragon Greybeards
Time Station Ape Escape inFamous
Jak and Daxter
The Legend of Zelda
Metal Kor
Parasite Queen
Tower of Lost Souls Soul Calibur Mortal Kombat Algol
Shao Kahn
WarioWare, Inc. WarioWare Buzz! Buzz

Items (In Progress)

Item Name Game Franchise


PlayStation All-Stars
Assist Trophy Super Smash Bros
Banana Peel Mario Kart
Baumusu's Axe The Mark of Kri
Beam Sword Super Smash Bros
Boots of Hermes God of War
Bunny Hood The Legend of Zelda
Dohvat Laser Designator Killzone
Freeze Missile Twisted Metal
Fusion Bomb Ratchet & Clank
Gravity Shield WipEout
Great Mighty Scythe Patapon
Hedgehog Grenade Resistance
Killer Bees Ape Escape
Leech Beam WipEout
LR-3 Railgun Starhawk
Medusa's Gaze God of War
Murder of Crows BioShock
Nanotech Crate Ratchet & Clank
Poison Mushroom Super Mario Bros
Poke Ball Pokemon

Razor Claws

Ratchet & Clank
RPG-7 Uncharted
Sackbot LittleBigPlanet
Smash Ball Super Smash Bros
Spear of Destiny God of War
Sonic Rift ModNation Racers
Sturgeon Uncharted
Supernova Jak and Daxter
Super Mushroom Super Mario Bros


Character Costume
Avatar Omar Kendall Avatar
Big Daddy Jeremiah Lynch's Doll
Alpha Series
Bowser Dry Bowser
Captain Falcon Blood Falcon
Chimera Hybrid Infected Nathan Hale
Cloud Strife Advent Children
Cole MacGrath Classic Cole
New Cole
Wedding Day
Infected Cole
Colonel Radec Helghast Commander
Capture Trooper
Crash Bandicoot New Crash
Dante Classic Dante
Diddy Kong Shades
Donkey Kong Striker DK
Funky Kong
Classic Donkey Kong
Dragonborn Whiterun Guard
Draconian Armor
Emmett Graves Logan
Evil Cole MacGrath Empire City
Vampire Cole
Classic Evil Cole
Evil Kessler
Falco Lombardi Falco (Assault)
Fat Princess Pirate
Fox McCloud Fox (Assault)
Ganondorf Ocarina of Time Ganondorf
Classic Ganon
Toon Ganondorf
Heihachi Mishima Boss Outfit
Old Heihachi
Ice Climbers Reverse Ice Climbers
Ike Radiant Dawn Ike
Isaac Matthew's Outfit
Jak and Daxter Classic Jak
Haven City
Combat Racing
The Lost Frontier
Freedom League Armor
Jigglypuff Wigglytuff
Jimmy Hopkins Bullworth Letterman Jacket
Minimum Wage
Joel The Last of Us T-Shirt
John Marston Legend of the West
Jack Marston
Red Harlow
Kat Spy Kat
King Dedede Masked Dedede
Kirby Nintendo Hats
PlayStation Hats
Kratos Deimos
Link Ocarina of Time Link
Twilight Princess Link
Ordon Link
Zora Armor
Magic Armor
Lucario Zoroark
Lucas Claus
Luigi Mr. L
Mario Dr. Mario
Marth Shin Monsho no Nazo
Master Polygon White Polygon Man/Purple Hands
Maxwell Ninja
MetaKnight Unmasked MetaKnight
Mewtwo Armored Mewtwo
Mii Masahiro Sakurai Mii
Mr. Game & Watch Paper Mario
Nariko Funeral Gown
Nathan Drake Winter Drake
Desert Drake
Doughnut Drake
Ness Ninten
Nightmare Siegfried Schtauffen
Soul Calibur V Nightmare
Soul Calibur II Nightmare
Niko Bellic The Lost Jacket (Johnny Klebitz)
Varsity Jacket (Luis Lopez)
Leather Jacket (Claude)
Hawaiian Top (Tommy Vercetti)
White Tank Top (Carl "CJ" Johnson)
Olimar Louie
PaRappa Space Suit
Pikachu Pichu

Dark Pit

Princess Peach Striker Peach
Princess Zelda/Shiek Skyward Sword Zelda/Impa
Raiden Guns of the Patriots
Skull Suit
Ratchet & Clank Terafiber Armor
Red (Pokemon Trainer) Classic Red (Gen I)
Ethan (Gen II)
Brendan (Gen III)
Lucas (Gen IV)
Touya (Gen V)
Kyouhei (Gen V-2)
R.O.B. The Ancient Minister
Sackboy Sackgirl
Samus Aran/Zero Suit Samus Dark Samus/Young Samus
Scorpion Klassic Scorpion
MKIII Scorpion
Sir Daniel Fortesque Super Armor
Sly Cooper Archer
Solid Snake Old Snake
Big Boss
Sonic the Hedgehog Scourge the Hedgehog
Sora Shadow Sora
Spike Battle Spike
Classic Spike
Spyro the Dragon Year of the Dragon
Starkiller Sith Stalker
Jedi Adventure Robes
Sweet Tooth Outcast
Ice Cream Sweet Tooth
Tabuu The Beast (inFamous 2)
Tag Custom Mod
PlayStation Mods
Toro Inoue Waiter Toro
Wario Classic Wario
Wolf O'Donnell Panther Caroso
Yoshi Koopa Trooper
Young Link Classic Link
Toon Link


Character Rival
Avatar Mii
Big Daddy Bowser
Bowser Big Daddy
Captain Falcon Heihachi Mishima
Chimera Hybrid Falco Lombardi
Cloud Strife Marth
Cole MacGrath Starkiller
Colonel Radec Wolf O'Donnell
Crash Bandicoot Mario
Dante Ike
Diddy Kong PaRappa
Donkey Kong Nathan Drake
Dragonborn Spyro the Dragon
Emmett Graves Fox McCloud
Evil Cole MacGrath Mewtwo
Falco Lombardi Chimera Hybrid
Fat Princess Kirby
Fox McCloud Emmett Graves
Ganondorf Nariko
Heihachi Mishima Captain Falcon
Ice Climbers Mr. Game & Watch
Ike Dante
Isaac Sora
Jak and Daxter Young Link
Jigglypuff King Dedede
Jimmy Hopkins Joel
Joel Jimmy Hopkins
John Marston Niko Bellic
Kat Princess Peach
King Dedede Jigglypuff
Kirby Fat Princess
Kratos Pit
Link Sir Daniel Fortesque
Lucario Sly Cooper
Lucas Yoshi
Luigi Sackboy
Mario Crash Bandicoot
Marth Cloud Strife
Master Polygon Tabuu
Maxwell Tag
MetaKnight Raiden
Mewtwo Evil Cole MacGrath
Mii Avatar
Mr. Game & Watch Ice Climbers
Nariko Ganondorf
Nathan Drake Donkey Kong
Ness Spike
Nightmare Scorpion
Niko Bellic John Marston
Olimar Red (Pokemon Trainer)
PaRappa Diddy Kong
Pikachu Toro Inoue


Princess Peach Kat
Princess Zelda/Shiek R.O.B
Raiden MetaKnight
Ratchet & Clank Sonic the Hedgehog
Red (Pokemon Trainer) Olimar
R.O.B. Princess Zelda/Shiek
Sackboy Luigi
Samus Aran/Zero Suit Samus Solid Snake
Scorpion Nightmare
Sir Daniel Fortesque Link
Sly Cooper Lucario
Solid Snake Samus Aran/Zero Suit Samus
Sonic the Hedgehog Ratchet & Clank
Sora Isaac
Spike Ness
Spyro the Dragon Dragonborn
Starkiller Cole MacGrath
Sweet Tooth Wario
Tabuu Master Polygon
Tag Maxwell
Toro Inoue Pikachu
Wario Sweet Tooth
Wolf O'Donnell Colonel Radec
Yoshi Lucas
Young Link Jak and Daxte

Rivalries (Explanation)

Avatar and Mii

Reason: The Avatar and Mii are both speechless characters that the player can customize, and serve as a representation of the player. They compete to see who is better.

Big Daddy and Bowser

Reason: Big Daddy and Bowser are both large heavy-hitters. Bowser seeks the Big Daddy's aid in destroying Mario, but when Rapture's experiment shows no interest, Bowser attempts to kidnap the Little Sister, enraging her large protector.

Captain Falcon and Heihachi

Reason: Both are skilled, hand-to-hand fighters. Heihachi, after restoring his youth, has issued a challenge to any who believe they can defeat him. Captain Falcon, the never-say-die pilot of the Blue Falcon, decides to join the Iron Fist Tournament and challenges Heihachi.

Chimera and Falco

Reason: Chimera is an alien and Falco is an intergalactic pilot. A small sqaud of Star Fox pilots were sent to investigate planet Earth after hearing a distress signal. They arrived to find the planet overrun by the Chimera race, and Falco is one of the pilots who decides to fight back.

Cloud and Marth

Reason: Both are sword-wielding icons of RPG series. Cloud is searching for Sephiroth when he comes across Marth's kingdom. Marth doesn't know who Cloud is and is reluctant to trust him, leading Cloud to believe he's under Sephiroth's control.

Cole and Starkiller

Reason: Both are heroes given the choice of good or evil. Cole believes that Starkiller is some kind of telepathic Conduit and Starkiller thinks Cole may be a former Sith.

Radec and Wolf

Reason: Both are villains that lead an army or fleet. The Star Wolf fleet is raging war on the Helghan army for unknown reasons.

Crash and Mario

Reason: Both are the most notable icons of Nintendo and PlayStation. Crash finds himself thrown into the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario believes he is a new member of Bowser's army.

Dante and Ike

Reason: Both wield large swords. Dante somehow mistakes Ike for Vergil and Ike thinks Dante is evil after hearing rumors about his Devil trigger.

Diddy Kong and PaRappa

Reason: Both are considered "cool" characters, with PaRappa being a rapper and Diddy being able to play an electric guitar. PaRappa thinks Diddy is one of the apes he "saved" from Spike, and believes he's being ungrateful.

Drake and Donkey Kong

Reason: Both have been associated with jungles and barrels (DOnkey Kong used to throw barrels at Mario, Drake uses a barrel in his moveset). Drake is searching for a treasure in the jungle and getting hungry, takes a banana. Donkey Kong believes Drake stole it from him and attacks him.

Emmett Graves and Fox

Reason: Both are related to space. Emmett thinks that Fox may be working for the Outcasts.

Evil Cole and Mewtwo

Reason: Both are believed to be the most powerful of their universes: Mewtwo is the strongest Pokemon, Cole is the strongest Conduit. Evil Cole is on the search for Conduits while Mewtwo is simply seeking isolation. The two come across each other and fight to see who is more powerful.

Fat Princess and Kirby

Reason: Both eat a lot and are pink. Fat Princess becomes enraged after Kirby eats her cake.

Ganondorf and Nariko

Reason: Both are from older time periods. Ganondorf mistakes Nariko for Princess Zelda and tries to kidnap her, only to be repelled and challenged to a fight.

Ice Climbers and Mr. Game & Watch

Reason: Both are old-school Nintendo characters. The Ice Climbers are competing in a mountain-climbing challenge and Mr. Game & Watch accidentally causes them to slip and lose the race.

Jak & Daxter and Young Link

Reason: Both are elf-like heroes with transformations. Jak and Daxter are searching for eco while Young Link is collecting masks so he can stop Majora's Mask. Link has never seen guns or technology before and mistakes Jak for an enemy.

Jigglypuff and King Dedede

Reason: King Dedede mistakes Jigglypuff for Kirby, confusing the Pokemon. When Jigglypuff tries to sing, Dedede walks off uninterested, which angers her.

John Marston and Niko Bellic

Reason: Both are owned by Rockstar Games. Niko's crime rate has increased and warrants for his arrest have spread, even reaching Armadillo. Marston, seeking to redeem himself, accepts the bounty on Bellic's head. In Niko's perspective, he believes Marston is a drugged follower of Dimitri Rascalov, hallucinating that he is a gunslinger.

Kratos and Pit

Reason: Both live in Greek Mythology-inspired universes. Pit hears about Kratos' quest to kill the gods and believes that he is after Palutena, unaware of the vast difference between the god of his world and those of Kratos'. Kratos, also unaware of the different versions of Olympus' gods, believes Pit is serving his universe's Zeus, surprised that such a young warrior would do so, and challenges him.

Link and Sir Daniel

Reason: Both are old-school characters that wield a sword and shield and carry many other items such as a bow, arrows, and potions. Link mistakes Dan for a stalchild, a skeletal enemy from Hyrule. Dan, after seeing Dark Link attack Gallowmere, mistakes Link for his evil twin, and attacks him in return, believing he serves Zarok.

Lucario and Sly

Reason: Both have similar appearances. Sly believes Lucario to be a lost member of the Cooper lineage, and Lucario doesn't trust him after learning of the thieving antics of the Cooper clan. Lucario can also sense Sly's thieving aura, amking it easy y detect his presence when he turns invisible.

Lucas and Yoshi
Reason: Lucas is searching for Ness, who has gone on a journey and never returned. As Ness and Yoshi have a history as veterans from the original N64 era, Lucas believes Yoshi may know where Ness is.

Luigi and Sackboy
Reason: Both live in 2D plaformer universes. Sackboy is seen playing around with his new costumes and dresses as Mario. Luigi thinks that he is the real Mario until Sackboy changes his outfit.  Now believing that he somehow harmed his brother, Luigi decides to fight Sackboy.

Master Polygon and Tabuu
Reason: Polygon Man seeks to live in a new world and arrives in the World of Trophies. He soon takes control of Master Hand and Crazy Hand and uses their power to merge the World of Trophies with the PlayStation Realm, creating a new Subspace. The creation of the new universe revives Tabuu and sensing the threat to his home, Tabuu decides to defend the Nintendo All-Stars by challenging the newly dubbed, Master Polygon.

Meta Knight and Raiden
Reason: Meta Knight comes across Raiden during his travels. Raiden believes that Meta Knight is a spy sent by FOXHOUND and attacks him.

Ness and Spike
Reason: Both are primary protagonists of classic series of the first generation of their respective companies, and both games have different titles from their US and Japanese releases: Ness in Earthbound (US)/Mother(JPN), and Spike in Ape Escape(US)/Saru Get You(JPN). Ness was traveling and heard rumors of an ape catcher roamin the jungle. He believes Spike may be seeking to capture the Kongs for unknown reason, and decides to stand up for the Kongs and stop Spike.

Nightmare and Scorpion
Reason: Both are notable fighting game characters. Scorpion hears rumors of the legendary Soul Edge and seeks to claim it for himself so that he can have the power to overthrow Shao Kahn.

Olimar and Red
Reason: Both have their allies fight for/with them. Olimar's Pikmin are a part of his moveset, and Red's pokemon fight for him. Both are also newcomers in Brawl. Red is training his pokemon when Olimar arrives, noticing that Red is training near his Pikmin's home. Although Red is unaware of the Pikmin's presence, and what they actually are, Olimar believes he wants to harm them and challenges him to a fight.

Pikachu and Toro
Reason: Both are popular icons in Japan. As Pikachu is considered a mouse pokemon, Toro, a cat, seems like the perfect rival. Pikachu believes Toro to be Meowth and attacks him. While in Toro's perspective, Kuro sees him as a mouse and wants to eat him.

Peach and Kat
Reason: Both are notable female characters of their respective franchises, with Peach even starring in her own game. They also have some form of an associated with nature, as Peach lives in a Mushroom Kingdom and is leader to a race of Mushroom-like people, and Kat is associated with a blck cat, as well as having the ability to manipulate gravity. The story would be that the Mushroom Kingdom is suffering odd disasters, with altered gravity being one. WHen Kat attempts to help, one of the Toads mistakes her for being the one responsible and Peach decides to take action due to the absence of Mario and Luigi.

Zelda and R.O.B.
Reason: Both have worn disguises and have alter egos: Shiek and Hooded Disguise (Twilight Princess) for Zelda, and the Ancient Minister for R.O.B. Both are seen in their disguises and Zelda believes the Ancient Minister is still a villain.

Ratchet & Clank and Sonic
Reason: Both are popular game characters with a large amount of games, and serve as rivals for other characters (Ratchet for Jak, Sonic for Mario). Both also collect golden items. Ratchet and Clank are searching for gold bolts while Sonic is on the hunt for gold rings, and they find each other, believing that the other intends to steal their respective items.

Samus and Snake
Reason: Both are skilled in hand-to-hand and weapon combat, and have a history together in Super Smash Bros Brawl. Snake is on a mission and runs into Samus again. Samus doesn't recognize Snake (as he is rendered in his older appearance) and sees him as a threat. Snake has no choice and decides to fight her.

Sweet Tooth and Wario
Reason: Both are mildly overweight villains who are the most iconic of their franchises and have a fascination with a certain food (ice cream for Sweet Tooth, garlic for Wario.). Both are also paired with a vehicle: Sweet Tooth (the truck) for Sweet Tooth, and the Wario Bike for Wario. The story would be that Calypso is hosting the ultimate racing grand prix, composed of Twisted Metal contestants, Mario Kart racers, Kras City combat racers, F-Zero pilots, and many more. Sweet Tooth and Wario are both participants and meet prior to the match, where Sweet Tooth offers Wario ice cream. Wario turns it down, instead preferring to eat garlic, but his partner-in-crime, Waluigi, steals the ice cream from behind Sweet Tooth's back. Angered, he takes out his rage on Wario, and the two decide to settle their debate outside of the racetrack.

Spyro and Dragonborn

Reason: Both come from mythical universes and fight dragons. Dragonborn recognizes Spyro as a dragon and attacks him in the belief that he serves Alduin.

Tag and Maxwell

Reason: Both are rather new characters for their respective companies and also star in games that involve some type of creation. Both also come from games that were released for both the current console and handheld of their time: Wii U and 3DS for Maxwell, PlayStation 3 and PSP for Tag.

Sora and Isaac

Reason: Both are young male protagonists that come from RPG games, and also have a similar appearance. Sora mistakes Isaac for Roxas and after learning that he isn't who he thought he was, Sora believes that Isaac may have stolen Roxas' appearance.

Jimmy Hopkins and Joel

Reason: Joel and Ellie are trying to escape a horder of The Infected, or Clickers, and take refuge in Bullworth Academy. They find Jimmy to ask him for help, and Jimmy doesn't believe their story, instead focusing on Ellie. When he tries to get her number, it anger Joel and he merely state, "Every man for himself, you brat."


  • Although he never spoke in his initial appearance, Tabuu would have a speaking role in this game. I chose Nolan North to be his voice actor as he is famous for voicing a large variety of characters.
  • Master Polygon is the only character with two Minions, due to being three characters: Polygon Man and the tag-team of Master Hand and Crazy Hand.
  • Both the Avatar and Mii recieve costumes based off of Omar Kendall and Masahiro Sakurai, respectively. This is due to that fact that both are the creators/lead designers of PlayStation All-Stars and Super Smash Bros, respectively.