The Crossover Game is a major crossover of a gamer's entire video game collection. It is different for every gamer. Whether the game has a story or not is entirely up to the gamer themselves.


A mysterious man gains the ability to travel across various worlds, building an army of villains from many different franchises, such as video games like Super Smash Bros and Mortal Kombat, to other worlds such as those of the Naruto, Star Wars, and Dragon Ball universes. As Keyblade Wielder Sora makes his way across the various Disney Worlds, he encounters other multiverses along the way. After observing the space between worlds, Sora noticed the mysterious man collecting villains and building an army. He is met by an omniscient being who tells him to find the world belonging to a man going by the name of LeeHatake93. His encyclopedic knowledge of the Multiverse would be an invaluable asset in the fight against the mysterious man. Without further instruction, Sora finds his way into Reality, and recruits LeeHatake93 in an effort to collect all of the Multiverse's heroes before it's too late.


LeeHatake93's version of the game is a fighting game in the vein of Super Smash Bros and PlayStation All-Stars, with a free roam open world in the style of Grand Theft Auto V. The story is told in the style of LEGO video games. The Crossover Game would primarily be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, and PC. The open-world gameplay is exclusive to PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, and PC.

The overall battle engine would be derived from Super Smash Bros, with elements of PlayStation All-Stars. Battles can be fought in both damage-based and HP-centric battles. A character's moveset will consist of four directional melee attacks, three directional smash attacks, and four special moves. Each character will recieve two finishing moves: a Super Smash, and a Final Smash. A Super Smash is derived from the Super Move mechanic from PlayStation All-Stars in that it can be accessed through a chargeable meter. However, it is more similar to a Final Smash from Super Smash Bros in that it will deal a great amount of damage, but it not guaranteed to earn a KO. However, the Final Smash, accessed through a Smash Ball like in Smash Bros, will guarantee a KO as it operates identically to PSASBR's Super Moves. Final Smashes can range from cinematics, transformations, and directional/trapping moves. Similar to Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, players can select three characters before battle, one to serve as a leader and the other two to appear as support and additional playable characters that can be swapped out during battle. If certain characters are teamed up together, they will be able to perform Team Final Smashes, as well as Fusions. Amiibos and other NFC figures can also be used in battle, They can either be selected as opponents before battle, or they can drop in and out of a battle in the style of LEGO Dimensions.

The open world is massive, as in Grand Theft Auto V. There are a variety of things to do in the open world, such as driving vehicles, flying vehicles, hacking computers, etc. Additionally, there are several puzzles throughout the world, as in the LEGO games. Also, as in LEGO Batman 3 and LEGO Jurassic World, the game has multiple open-world hubs which range in size dependant on their original series. Movement between the worlds works in a similar manner to the LEGO games, wherein you can choose to either warp to a different world through something such as Batman's Batcomputer, or you can find vehicles to take you to different worlds, such as the Jurassic Park helicoptor, the Gummi Ship from Kingdom Hearts, or portals throughout the world.

Game Modes

  • Master Mode: The open-world, free-roaming mode of the game. Use it to explore the various worlds in The Crossover Game.
  • Free Battle: The battle mode of The Crossover Game. Includes all free battle modes of Smash Bros and PlayStation All-Stars.
  • Arcade: This is where you can take part in various game modes, such as Arcade, All-Star Mode, Test Your Might, Event Match, and a variety of mini-games.
  • Customization: Use this mode to customize your characters' appearance, from the color of their outfit to their hairstyle. Additionally, you may create your own original characters here.
  • Network Battle: Use this mode when connected to Nintendo Network, Xbox Live, or PlayStation Network in order to battle players online. Online mode can also be launched in Master Mode, much like Grand Theft Auto Online.

Character Roster

The roster is ever-expanding. Keep this in mind. This is a list of all characters and their variations, aka, alternate movesets or characters. Most characters have a maximum of three variations, however, there may be some exceptions to this.

Character Variations
Bo Jackson N/A
Classic Red N/A
Classic Gold N/A
Player 1 Male
Pikachu Red's Pikachu
Smash Bros Pikachu
Ganondorf Wind Waker
Smash Bros
Hyrule Warriors
Fierce Deity Link N/A
Mario Mario 64
Peach  Mario Kart
Smash Bros
Plum N/A
Donkey Kong Jr. N/A
Donkey Kong DK 64
Smash Bros
Diddy Kong Diddy Kong Racing
Smash Bros
K. Rool N/A
Conker N/A
Banjo N/A
James Bond N/A
Cartman N/A
Kyle N/A
Stan N/A
Kenny (South Park) N/A
Johnny Cage Trilogy
Sub-Zero Trilogy
Liu Kang Trilogy
Buzz Lightyear N/A
Sarge N/A
Shaggy N64
LEGO Dimensions
Daffy Duck Duck Dodgers
Green Loontern
Danny Phantom Ultimate Enemy
Dan Phantom N/A
Lego Obi-Wan N/A
Yugi Muto Wordwide Edition
Championship 2004
Jump Stars
Classic Brendan Emerald (Player)
Sapphire (NPC)
Classic May Sapphire (Player)
Emerald (NPC)
Red LeafGreen (Player)
SoulSilver/Unova (NPC)
Smash Bros Brawl
Wes Memory Card 1
Memory Card 2
Michael (Pokemon) N/A
Mewtwo N/A
Link (SC) N/A
Skull Kid N/A
Wario & Waluigi Double Dash Tag-Team
Smash Bros Wario
Lucas (Buddy) Buddy (Player, Diamond)
Lucas (NPC, Platinum)
Dawn Platinum (Player)
Diamond (NPC)
Ethan (Lee) Lee (Player, SoulSilver)
Ethan (NPC, HeartGold)
Hilbert (Touya) N/A
Nate (Kyouhei) Kyouhei (Player, Black 2)
Nate (NPC, White 2)
Bobobo Jump Stars
J-Stars Victory VS
Goku Jump Stars
J-Stars Victory VS
Resurrection 'F'
Vegeta  Buu Saga
Resurrection 'F'
Super Saiyan 4
Baby Vegeta
Zoro N/A
R.O.B. Mario Kart DS
Smash Bros 4
Yoshi (Hat Powers) Super Mario 64 DS
Gaara Part I
Orochimaru Ninja Destiny
Ultimate Ninja
Itachi Ninja Destiny
Ultimate Ninja
Ben Kenobi (Ghost) N/A
Indiana Jones Star Wars: The Complete Saga
Young Indy
LEGO Indiana Jones 2
Nightwing Robin
Injustice Nightwing
Iron Man Marvel Cinematic Universe
Marvel vs Capcom
Marvel Nemesis
Black Cat Web of Shadows
Spider-Man 2
Friend or Foe
Lee Hatake Mii Wii Sports
Mii Fighter
King Boo N/A
Bowser Jr. Smash Bros
Larry Koopa Smash Bros
Rosalina Mario Kart
Smash Bros
Captain Falcon Smash Bros
Solid Snake Smash Bros
Metal Gear Solid 2
Midna & Wolf Link Midna & Wolf Link
Twili Midna
Terrell (Buddy) Buddy
Nero (Pokemon Trainer)
Link (Oot 3D) Adult
Calem Pokemon Y (Player)
Pokemon X/Z (NPC)
Brendan (3D) Omega Ruby (Player)
Orlando (ORAS Demo)
Bowser Smash Bros
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
Villager Male
Mii Hatake Mii Fighter
Mario Kart 8
Mario Mario Kart
Smash Bros
Super Mario Bros Z
Luigi Death Stare
Smash Bros
Super Mario Bros Z
Toon Link Wind Waker
Smash Bros
Yoshi & Baby Mario Yoshi's Island
Yoshi (Smash Bros)
Sophitia Soul Blade
Broken Destiny
Kivlov N/A
Claude Speed N/A
Chris Redfield Resident Evil
Marvel vs Capcom
Jill Valentine Resident Evil
Marvel vs Capcom
Leon Kennedy N/A
Claude N/A
Tommy Vercetti N/A
Carl Johnson Carl Johnson
Sweet Johnson
Toni Cipriani N/A
Victor Vance N/A
Daniel Lamb N/A
Sly Cooper Thievious Raccoonus
Thieves in Time
PlayStation All-Stars
Kratos God of War II
PlayStation All-Stars
Broken Destiny/Mortal Kombat
Ashelin Combat Racer
Jak 2
Ico N/A
Wander N/A
Young Naruto Young Naruto
One-Tailed Naruto
The Green Beast
Young Sasuke Valley of the End
Curse Mark Second State
Chunin Exams
Kakashi Ultimate Ninja
Obito's Sharingan
Gokule N/A
Kid Goku Dragon Ball
GT Goku
Super Saiyan 4 Goku
Heihachi N/A
Olcadan N/A
Hot Shot Armada Hot Shot
Film Bumblebee
Optimus Prime Armada
Megatron Armada
First Film
Revenge of the Fallen
Sims (PlayStation 2) PS2 Sims
PC Sims
Superman Superman Returns
Peter Griffin N/A
Stewie N/A
Brian Griffin N/A
Ben Tennyson Alien Force
Ultimate Alien
Harry Potter Hogwarts Student
Voldemort Dark Lord
Tom Riddle
Seto Duelists of the Roses
Worldwide Edition
Dante Devil May Cry
Marvel vs Capcom
Boba Fett Battlefront
Lego Luke Tattooine
Anakin Skywalker Anakin
Darth Vader (Force Unleased)
Darth Vader (Soulcalibur IV)
Green Goblin Movie
Ultimate Alliance
Harry Osborn
Venom Ultimate Spider-Man
Marvel Nemesis
Mac Gargan
Wolverine Marvel Nemesis
Ultimate Alliance
Marvel vs Capcom
Thor (MUA) Ultimate Alliance
Marvel vs Capcom
Hulk Incredible Hulk
Marvel vs Capcom
Ultimate Alliance
Jaws N/A
Crash Bandicoot N/A
Sora Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts II
Dream Drop Distance
Kingdom Hearts III
SpongeBob SquarePants Nicktoons
Spongebob Movie (2004)
Legend of the Lost Spatula
Jimmy Neutron Nicktoons
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (Game)
Timmy Turner Nicktoons
Channel Chasers
Future Timmy (Channel Chasers)
Raiden Metal Gear Rising
PlayStaton All-Stars
Metal Gear Solid 2
Dart Feld N/A
Sweet Tooth Hot Shots Golf 2
Twisted Metal: Black
PlayStation All-Stars
Sir Daniel MediEvil Resurrection
PlayStation All-Stars
Daxter Daxter
Ratchet Size Matters
PlayStation All-Stars
Nightmare Soulcalibur II
Broken Destiny
Clone Trooper Clone Trooper
Rebel Soldier
Yusei Fudo N/A
Jimmy Hopkins N/A
Kessler Kessler (Canon)
Cole MacGrath (Hero)
Kessler Holmes (inFamous Retribution)
Zeke Dunbar inFamous 2
Young Jak N/A
Johnny Gat Gat Out of Hell
Johnny Tag
Saints Row IV
Victor Sullivan N/A
Joel and Ellie Joel & Ellie
Joel (Prologue)
Ellie (Left Behind)
Johnny Klebitz Canon
Revenant (MKX Fanfiction)
Luis Lopez N/A
Trevor, Michael, & Franklin Lost Santos Trio
Three-Man Army
Solo Act
Jay Marston N/A
LeeHatake (PS Home) PlayStation Home Avatar
Custom PlayStation Moveset
Joker & Harley Arkham Asylum
Siegfried Soul Blade
Soulcalibur IV
LeeHatake93 (SCV) Soulcalibur V
Starkiller Force Unleashed
Force Unleashed II
Lord Starkiller
Scorpion Trilogy
General Zod Injustice
Deadpool Marvel vs Capcom
Ultimate Alliance
Lars Tekken 6
Naruto Storm 2
Street Fighter x Tekken
Ichigo Soul Resurreccion
J-Stars Victory VS
Jump Stars
Mecha-Naruto Mecha-Naruto
Dark Naruto (B.O.N.D.)
Menma Namikaze (Brawl Legends)
Gogeta N/A
Luffy J-Stars Victory VS
Jump Stars
Pirate Warriors 2 Demo
Medaka Kurokami N/A
Spider-Man Film Spider-Men
Web of Shadows
Shattered Dimensions
Dumbledore LEGO
Normal Dumbeldore
Soulcalibur IV
Polygon Man Polygon Man
Master Polygon (PS x Nintendo)
Sackboy LittleBigPlanet
PlayStation All-Stars
Marty McFly Telltale
LEGO Dimensions
Chuck Greene N/A
Rico Rodriquez N/A
Jodie Holmes Beyond: Two Souls Demo
inFamous Retribution
Shao Kahn Mortal Kombat Vita
Kat Gravity Rush
PlayStation All-Stars
Nathan Drake  Golden Abyss
PlayStation All-Stars
Evil Cole PlayStation All-Stars
Evil Cole (inFamous Retribution)
Jak Jak 2/3
PlayStation All-Stars
Combat Racer
Lee Everett N/A
Clementine N/A
Kenny (The Walking Dead) N/A
LeeHatake93 (Xbox Live) Kinect Adventures
Custom Xbox Moveset
Dragonborn Raizo Skyrim
John Marston N/A
Jack Marston N/A
Niko Bellic N/A
The Boss Saints Row IV
Saints Row: The Third
GTA V Trio (Saints Row IV Custom)
Master Chief N/A
Ezio Revelations
Soulcaibur V
Naruto Shippuden
One-Tailed Chakra Cloak
Six Paths Sage Mode
Sasuke Hebi
Tobi War Tobi
Unmasked Obito
Ten-Tails Jinchuriki
Madara Reanimated Madara
Alive Madara
Ten-Tails Jinchuriki
Sims (Xbox 360) Sims (Xbox 360)
Pet Owners (Pets)
Supernatural (PC)
Steve? N/A
Lego Batman N/A
Lego Superman N/A
Lego Joker N/A
Lego Iron Man Iron Man
War Machine
Lego Spider-Man Peter Parker
Miles Morales
Superior Spider-Man
Lego Loki N/A
Edge Master N/A
Cole Phelps N/A
Bill N/A
Francis N/A
Zoey N/A
Louis N/A
Robin Male
Rosa White 2 (Player)
Black 2 (NPC)
Lee Hatake (Saiyan) Ultimate Tenkaichi
SSGSS Goku (Ultimate Tenkaichi)
Young Lee (Saiyan) Lee Hatake (Kid)
Kid Goku (Ultimate Tenkaichi)
Kakarot Kakarot (Ultimate Tenkaichi)
Kakarot (B.O.N.D.)
Nero Crescent (Ultimate Tenkaichi)
Hatchiyack N/A
Stan Lee Amazing Spider-Man
Doc Ock Spider-Man 2
Friend or Foe
Sandman Friend or Foe
Spider-Man 3
Carnage Ultimate Spider-Man
Duck Hunt Smash Bros
Wii Fit Trainer Female
Mel N/A
Altair N/A
Dry Bowser Mario Kart
New Super Mario Bros
Racer Villager Mario Kart
Animal Crossing (Potentially)
Isaac Clarke Dead Space
PlayStation All-Stars
Sheva Alomar N/A
Dylan Holmes (Sim) The Sims (PC)
Hilda White (NPC)
Serena Pokemon Y (NPC)
Riley N/A
Tommy N/A
Delsin  Second Son
Power Mimicry
Future Delsin (inFamous Retribution)
Fetch N/A
Cassie Cage N/A
Erron Black N/A
Frank West Marvel vs Capcom
Off the Record
Nemesis Marvel vs Capcom
Resident Evil 3
Rocket Marvel vs Capcom
Ghost Rider Marvel vs Capcom
Ghost Rider (Game)
Ultimate Alliance
Toro Hot Shots Golf
PlayStation All-Stars
Street Fighter x Tekken
Herobrine N/A
Machamp N/A
Lucario Pokken Tournament
Smash Bros
Kris N/A
Lyra HeartGold (Player)
SoulSilver (NPC)
Leaf FireRed
New Dante DmC: Devil May Cry
PlayStation All-Stars
Sam N/A
Rochelle N/A
Nick N/A
Ellis N/A
Coach N/A
King Tekken Tag 2
Street Fighter x Tekken
Jin Tekken Tag 2
Street Fighter x Tekken
Devil Jin
Future Warrior (Xenoverse) Saiyan
Frieza's Race
Frieza Final Form
Golden Frieza
Cell Perfect Form
Bardock Bardock (Great Ape)
Bardock (Super Saiyan)
Vegito N/A
Teen Gohan Teen Gohan
Kid Gohan
Broly Legendary Super Saiyan
Super Saiyan
Trunks Future Trunks
Time Patrol Trunks
Future Gohan Future Gohan
Adolescent Gohan
Ultimate Gohan
Whis Whis
Female Whis
Beerus Beerus
Sasori Third Kazekage Puppet
Hiruko Puppet
Kisame N/A
Yamato Yamato
Zetsu Tobi
Spawn N/A
Toad  N/A
Koopa Mario Kart
Racer Luigi Mario Kart
Metal Mario N/A
Jotaro Kujo N/A
Allen Walker N/A
Light Yagami N/A
Yoh Asakura N/A
Chase McCain N/A
Adam West N/A
Young Link Masked Link
Smash Bros Melee
May (3D) Omega Ruby (NPC)
Yamato (Golf) N/A
Ender Dragon N/A
Zuko Bellic N/A
Fiona N/A
Rhys N/A
Bigby Wolf N/A
Naruto (The Last) The Last
Adult (Canon)
Adult (Brawl Legends)
Sasuke (The Last) The Last
Adult (Canon)
Adult (Brawl Legends
Huang Lee N/A
Impa Hyrule Warriors
Ghirahim Hyrule Warriors
Cia N/A
Lana N/A
Zelda Hyrule Warriors
Smash Bros 
Dark Link Dark Link
Hyrule Warriors Link
Yuyu N/A
Yuma N/A
Jaden N/A
LeeHatake93 (Duelist) N/A
Heather Mason N/A
Johnny Bravo N/A
Samurai Jack N/A
Albedo Alien Force
Brawl Legends
P.T. Protagonist N/A
Nathan Drake (A Thief's End) Drake
Sam Drake
Gintoki Sakata N/A
Kinzie Kenzington Gat Out of Hell
Saints Row IV
Gamecube Sims Gamecube
New Link N/A
Classic Link Zelda II
The Legend of Zelda
Ganon The Legend of Zelda
Hyrule Warriors
Sheik Smash Bros
Hyrule Warriors
Owen Grady Owen
Alan Grant
Ian Malcolm
Gerry Harding Gerry
Carlos Ochoa
Thor (Lego) N/A
Grim Reaper N/A
Cloud Strife N/A
Sephiroth N/A
Freddy Krueger N/A
Jason Voorhees N/A
Predator N/A
Wei Shen N/A
Lara Croft Tomb Raider
Temple of Osiris
Ryu Smash Bros
Evil Ryu
Goku (Naruto's Outfit) Naruto's Outfit
Super Saiyan God Goku
X2 X2
King Mickey  N/A
Hercules Adult
Vanitas N/A
Ventus Ventus
Riku N/A
Shirai Ryu N/A
Sinestro N/A
Obito Uchiha Young Obito
Zetsu Obito
Masked Man
Orange Mask Tobi
Evolution Goku Soul of Kilik (SC: Broken Destiny)
Kustom Fighter (MK: Armageddon)
Max Caulfield N/A
Big Boss N/A
LEGO Chell N/A
Nick Ramos N/A
Chrom N/A
Tetra N/A
Michonne N/A
Asher Forrester N/A
Jesse (Minecraft) N/A
Arkham Knight N/A
Luke Skywalker (Battlefront) Battlefront
Dark Side (Force Unleashed)
Boruto Uzumaki Boruto (Canon)
Boruto (Brawl Legends)
Minato Uzumaki (Brawl Legends)
Sarada Uchiha Canon
Brawl Legends
Kaguya Otsusuki N/A
Ben Tennyson (Kid) N/A
Ultra-V N/A
Kustom Fighter N/A
Taven Taven
Alistair Haze TBA
Allen Stark TBA
Avatar TBA
Bankatsu no Akuma (Original) Suppressed Warlord Form
Majin Buu Clone
Bankatsu no Akuma (Reboot) B.O.N.D. (Game)
Brawl Super-Star Legends
Battle Legend TBA
Ben Tennyson (Brawl Legends) Ultimate Alien (Brawl Legends)
Ben 10,000 (Ultimatrix)
Ben 10,000 (Biomnitrix)
Bob the Alien TBA
BOND  Goruffigo (Manga)
BOND (Game)
Brick Rogers TBA
Brimstone TBA
Captain Shenanigans TBA
Daisuke Jikoku TBA
Deathcap TBA
Descendant TBA
Enzyme TBA
Haze TBA
Ian Powers TBA
Jack Longhorn TBA
James Draiman TBA
Knightmare TBA
Lee Hatake (Game) Teen
Jin & Aoi (Game)
Lee Hatake (Naruto Fanfiction) Teen
Jin & Aoi (Manga)
Morpheon TBA
Nero Crescent  Game
Pulse TBA
Raizo Dragonheart TBA
Ray Jackson Ray
Jake Sullivan
Riku & Zaku TBA
Sara Walker TBA
Satsujin TBA
Siren TBA
Sonten Drone TBA
Suraisa TBA
Tortelder TBA
Wraith TBA


This is a list of fusions in The Crossover Game, not including existing fusions such as Gotenks, Vegito, or Gogeta.

Fusion Fusees
Naroku Naruto Uzumaki
Vegesuke Sasuke Uchiha
Gosuke Goku
Sasuke Uchiha
Nageta Vegeta
Naruto Uzumaki
Gonohamarunks Konohamaru Sarutobi
Future Minahan Future Gohan
Minato Namikaze (Reanimated)
Uuboruto Uub
Boruto Uzumaki
Panada Pan
Sarada Uchiha
Trunkashi Future Trunks
Kakashi Hatake
Barbito Bardock
Obito Uchiha (Adult)
Kamigra Kaguya Otsusuki
Demon God Demigra
Golden Tenseigan Frieza Golden Frieza with Tenseigan Chakra Mode
Netake Nero Crescent (Manga)
Lee Hatake (Manga)
Goruffigo Goku
Naruto Uzumaki
Monkey D. Luffy
Ichigo Kurosaki
Naryu  Naruto Uzumaki (The Last)
Sanzo  Sasuke Uchiha (The Last)
Hanzo Hasashi (Scorpion)
Linkora Link
Ryanzo Ryu
Hanzo Hasashi (Scorpion)
Jackal Jak
Cole MacGrath
Kal-Karot Superman
Danchigo Dante (Classic)
Ichigo Kurosaki
Kranos Kratos
Sweet Tooth (Marcus Kane)
Slycario Sly Cooper
Katalina & Duma Kat & Dusty
Rosalina & Luma
Linkaruto Link
Naruto Uzumaki